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Item Removal

Item removal comes to the rescue when you’re showcasing occupied houses or spaces that are in some way cluttered.

  • No Shadow Leftover
  • Turnaround Time Within 24 Hours
  • Unlimited Free Revisions
  • Photo-Realistic Results at Lowest Prices
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At only $3.99

after item removal service
after item removal service
after item removal service
after item removal service

Choose Removal Mode

Choose one or two objects in your property photos and remove them with ease. We can remove everything from oversized items to small ones and from immovables to portables!

More Samples

after item removal service
after item removal service
after item removal service
after item removal service

Why Item Removal?

declutter your space with item removal

Declutter Your Space

Remove unwanted clutter and focus all the attention
on the beauty of your property!

increase buyer interest with item removal

Increase Buyer Interest

Removing unwanted objects boosts the quality of your listings’ appeal to potential buyers.

prepare for virtual staging with item removal

Prepare for Virtual Staging

Empty your property photos of all extra items and prepare them for virtual staging.

move immovables with item removal

Move the Immovables

Stop breaking your back! Easily remove big and hefty items that require serious heavy lifting!

What is Item Removal?

Revivoto’s item removal lets you select and delete unwanted objects from your real estate photos, either by removing one item after another or clearing the whole space in one go.

Item removal gets rid of unwanted objects, clutter, and tenant furniture. Our service enables you to mask the items you want to be removed from your photos. Alternatively, you can clear the whole room of all objects, which would be instrumental for virtual staging.
Item Removal description

Frequently Asked Questions

Item Removal, also known as “Virtual Decluttering,” “Object Removal,” or “Virtual Clutter Removal,” is the process of selectively removing unwanted objects or clutters in a real estate photo.