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Innovative Gadgets Changing the Real Estate Game

by Tan Tason
Real Estate Gadgets

All pro realtors know that success in this field requires staying up-to-date with the latest technology. With so many real estate gadgets out there claiming to revolutionize the industry, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are worth investing in. But fear not because we’ve done the research for you.

Our guide isn’t just for tech-savvy realtors. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, we’ll break down everything you need to know about each gadget and how it can benefit your business.

Think of us as your personal tech gurus, guiding you through the ever-changing landscape of real estate gadgets. So put on your thinking caps (or your VR headset, if you’re feeling fancy), and get ready to discover the gadgets that will take your real estate game to the next level.

Innovative Gadgets Changing the Real Estate Game

Table of Contents

Communication and Organization

Communication and organization gadgets are essential tools for realtors to manage their day-to-day activities, especially when they are constantly on the move. Here are some of the gadgets that can help realtors stay organized and communicate effectively:

Portable chargers

With all the gadgets a realtor needs, a dead battery can be an absolute nightmare. Portable chargers allow realtors to charge their smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the go, ensuring they are always connected and ready to work.

Portable chargers

Bluetooth headsets

When driving or in a noisy environment, it can be challenging to take phone calls. Bluetooth headsets allow realtors to stay hands-free while taking calls, ensuring they can keep their hands on the wheel or focus on the task.

Bluetooth headsets

Smart pens

Taking notes is a crucial aspect of a realtor’s job, and digitizing them can help keep them organized and accessible. Smart pens can record handwriting and convert it into digital notes that can be easily accessed and shared.

Smart pens

Portable scanners

In the world of real estate, there are a lot of documents that need to be scanned and shared. Portable scanners like the Doxie Go can help realtors scan documents on the go and send them to clients or colleagues without waiting until they get back to the office.

Home Automation

In the world of real estate, time is money. That’s why many realtors are turning to home automation technology to streamline the buying and selling process. Here are some of the ways that smart home devices are revolutionizing the industry:

Smart home devices

Thermostats, door locks, and security cameras are becoming increasingly popular among realtors. These devices can be controlled remotely, allowing realtors to monitor properties even when they’re not there in person. For example, a smart thermostat can turn on the air conditioning a few hours before a client arrives for a showing, ensuring that the property is at a comfortable temperature.

Smart locks

Smart locks are another essential tool for realtors. They allow properties to be secured and accessed remotely using a smartphone or other smart device. That means realtors can grant access to clients without having to be present to hand over a key physically. It also allows for greater security, as realtors can monitor who has access to the property and when.

Smart locks

Smart lighting systems

Those can create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in a property. Smart lighting can be controlled remotely, so realtors can turn lights on and off or adjust the brightness level from their phones. That is especially useful for showings, as realtors can create a specific ambiance highlighting the property’s best features.

Smart lighting systems

Digital assistants

Digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming increasingly popular in real estate. They can control smart home devices and answer questions about a property. For example, a realtor could use a digital assistant to turn on the lights in a property or provide information about the neighborhood. They can also be used to set reminders and appointments, which is essential for busy realtors.

Photography and Videography

Professional real estate photography and videography are integral for showcasing properties. These days, buyers are more inclined to view virtual tours of properties before deciding to see them in person. Hence, the quality of the visuals becomes crucial. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for realtors to capture stunning images and videos of properties. Apart from a professional camera for real estate photography, here are some of the most innovative gadgets for realtors to use when it comes to photography and videography.


Drones have been a game-changer for real estate photography and videography. With a drone, realtors can capture stunning aerial shots of a property, showcasing the property itself and its surroundings. That is especially useful for properties with large estates, expansive land, or a unique layout. Drone photography provides a unique perspective that cannot be captured with traditional photography techniques.

drone for realtors


One of the most significant challenges in real estate photography is capturing clear, sharp, and stable images. Fortunately, stabilizers have come to the rescue. A stabilizer is a device that holds the camera steady in addition to a tripod. It reduces blur and shakiness caused by natural hand or body movements. That results in sharp and clear professional-quality images, making the property look more attractive to potential buyers.

Stabilizer for realtor

360° cameras

These cameras provide a unique perspective for real estate photography and videography. With one of the best 360° cameras, realtors can capture the essence and the flow of the house, giving buyers the feeling of being inside the property without physically being there. Adding 360° virtual staging, the images can become an immersive estate tour. That is particularly useful for buyers who cannot view the listing in person.

External microphone

Sound quality is just as important as visual quality in real estate videography. An external microphone is essential for capturing high-quality audio during a property tour. It can eliminate background noise and capture the sound of the realtor’s voice clearly, resulting in a more professional and engaging virtual tour.

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality gadgets have revolutionized the way we experience the world around us. As a realtor, these gadgets can help you offer your clients a unique and immersive experience, providing a competitive edge in the market. Here are two popular gadgets in this category:

Virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality headsets have gained immense popularity in recent years. They offer an engaging experience that can transport you to a virtual world, providing a lifelike experience that is almost as good as being there in person. As a realtor, you can use VR headsets to offer virtual property tours to your clients. By wearing a VR headset, your clients can experience a property as if they were physically present. That can be especially helpful for clients who cannot attend an in-person tour, for under-construction properties, and also for fixer-uppers – to demonstrate what they could be.

Virtual reality headsets

Augmented reality glasses

Augmented reality (AR) glasses can add a layer of virtual content to the real world, creating a mixed-reality experience that can be genuinely transformative. As a realtor, you can use AR glasses to showcase interior design options to your clients. For example, if your client is interested in purchasing a property, you can use AR glasses to show them how different furniture and decor options would look in the space. That can help your clients visualize the property’s potential and make more informed decisions.

Printing and Measuring

In the real estate industry, having the right tools for measuring properties and creating physical models is crucial. Here are two innovative gadgets that can help make this process easier:

3D printers

3D printing technology has revolutionized how the real estate industry creates physical models of properties. With 3D printers, realtors can quickly create accurate and detailed models of properties to give potential buyers a better understanding of what the property looks like. These printers use a layer-by-layer approach to build a 3D model, making it a cost-effective and efficient way to create physical models.

One of the significant benefits of 3D printers is that they allow realtors to create multiple models with different materials and colors. This versatility can help make the property stand out and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Laser measuring tools

The best way to ensure precise measurements is by using high-tech laser measuring tools. These tools use laser technology to measure distances and areas, making them much more accurate than traditional methods.

Laser measuring tools are portable and easy to use, making them ideal for realtors. A unique advantage of laser measuring tools is that they can measure objects and surfaces that are difficult to measure accurately otherwise.

Laser measuring tools for realtor

Presentations and Signings

From wireless presentation clickers to electronic signature devices, these gadgets can significantly improve the overall presentation experience while making the process of signing contracts faster and more convenient. Let’s take a closer look at each of these gadgets and how they can benefit real estate agents.

Wireless presentation clickers

Gone are the days when presenters had to be tethered to their computers to control their presentations. With wireless presentation clickers, real estate agents can move around freely, making their presentations more engaging and dynamic. Wireless presentation clickers come with various features, including slide navigation, laser pointers, and timers. These gadgets are compatible with most presentation software and can work from a distance of up to 50 feet. They are lightweight, easy to use, and can significantly improve the overall presentation experience.

Smart whiteboards

Smart whiteboards like Google’s Jamboard allow realtors to collaborate with clients and colleagues remotely, sharing notes, drawings, and ideas in real time. That can be especially useful for brainstorming sessions or virtual property tours.

Portable projectors

These gadgets are compact, lightweight, and can be easily carried around. They come with a range of features such as HDMI, USB, and wireless connectivity, allowing for easy access to presentation materials from different devices. With portable projectors, agents can set up presentations in any location, even outdoors, making them an essential tool for on-the-go agents.

Electronic signature devices

Electronic signature devices make the process of signing contracts faster and more convenient. These gadgets are portable and easy to use, allowing clients to sign documents quickly and securely. They also offer various features such as time-stamping, audit trails, and secure storage, making them an essential tool for real estate agents who need to sign contracts on the go. Electronic signature devices help agents close deals faster, which is crucial in the highly competitive real estate market.

Electronic signature devices for realtors


the real estate industry is constantly evolving and becoming more reliant on technology to stay competitive. With innovative real estate gadgets, realtors can make their work easier, faster, and more efficient, enabling them to close deals more effectively. From communication and organization gadgets to virtual and augmented reality gadgets, printing and measuring, and presentations and signing gadgets, there is no shortage of tools to choose from. As technology advances, real estate professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets to provide their clients with the best possible service. Investing in these gadgets may seem expensive initially, but they’re worth it since they make the impossible possible.


According to the technology survey done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), these are the top 5 impactful technologies in the real estate business:

  • eSignature
  • Lockbox
  • Local MLS apps
  • Transaction Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a powerful tool to help real estate professionals optimize their business operations and build better client relationships. CRM manages and organizes client data and interactions in real estate, from initial contact to closing and beyond. You can streamline your real estate business with CRM – track communications, schedule appointments, automate routine tasks, and more.

Becoming a successful real estate agent takes time and a series of steps, including:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Setting marketing strategy
  • Picking a mentor
  • Expanding expertise
  • Networking
  • Keeping up to date
  • Doing regular assessments

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