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Blog » Photography » Sharper Listings, Faster Sales: How iPhone 15 Pro Max Photography Transforms Real Estate Marketing

Sharper Listings, Faster Sales: How iPhone 15 Pro Max Photography Transforms Real Estate Marketing

by Tan Tason
iPhone 15 Pro Max photography

Apple Finally Reveals iPhone 15

The long-awaited iPhone 15 release finally happened today. Apple has just revealed the new iPhone 15 series in Cupertino, California, and yes, there were wonders this year too.

Long before its public reveal, we started hearing about the Titanium design, a USB-C connector, rounded edges, and the 5x telephoto lens on the new models. But let’s not rush it! Let’s see what’s new, which features are more astonishing, where the big surprise hit us, and if there is anything we should know about the iPhone 15 Pro Max photography.

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Multi-Purpose Action Button

Undergoing a complete metamorphosis, the single-function switch we would previously use for ring and silent now handles many functions. It is the action button that also allows users to access the flashlight or the camera. It can be set to start the voice memos, the calendar, notes, or any other shortcuts. Quite a change there.

iphone 15 action button

Innovative Design Change

Rumors were true about the innovative design changes on the device. Goodbye stainless steel! We are now seeing a lightweight and admittedly strong titanium design on the new iPhone series. Now, the iPhone has a shared feature with spacecraft as well!

Multi-Purpose Charger

To our astonishment, the iPhone 15 series finally let go of the so-called exclusive lightning port and finally gave in to adapt the USB-C! Not many saw that coming. May you rest in peace, lightning port!

With the new USB-C connector, you can charge your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Mac, and even Apple watch. It can also be used for transferring data. With the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can get a transfer speed of 10 gigabytes per second! Isn’t that just awesome?

iphone 15  charger

The Hidden World Within

Something else finally happened! The 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are now powered by the 3-nanometer chip. With advancements in microarchitecture and design, the new CPU is literally super fast now.

The Neural Engine has been turbocharged to be twice as fast, too. These improvements entail iOS 17’s features, like autocorrect and Personal Voice, to deliver an unprecedented user experience.
With the pro-class GPU, there is a 6-core design that, along with energy efficiency, promises faster performance and smoother graphics. No wonder we kept hearing so much about the iPhone 15’s big surprise for gaming enthusiasts.

Upgraded Safety Capabilities

At first, we were worried about our iPhone being taken away from us. That concern is long gone. The safety features Apple has been adding to the iPhone in recent years serve to secure and save the owner in emergencies!

The crash detection and emergency SOS via satellite features made their way to the new series. But the new safety feature this year is the Roadside Assistance via satellite.

Now, if your car battery dies on your way to “Wanderlust” and you don’t have Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, your new iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max can connect to the largest roadside assistance provider in the country, the AAA.

All About the Big Eye

iPhone 15 Pro Max photography is going to be a lot fun. As far as camera size is concerned, the space considered for the cameras is the same as it was for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Still, the camera bump is somewhat thick and overly noticeable, especially with those protruding lenses on the back that are a lot different from the iPhone 14 Pro’s cameras. Regarding sensors and other features, apparently, most of the improvements intended for the iPhone 15 Pro are focused on the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras. Let’s take a closer look.

The advanced long-missing 48-megapixel main camera is there now, supporting 24 MP by default. It gives us photos that are brighter and more natural than ever.

The camera systems featured in both iPhone 15s incorporate the equivalent of seven high-quality lenses! These two products are the first global smartphones that have a hybrid lens which is comprised of a single glass element and 6 plastic elements.

The primary function of a camera lens is to focus the light from what the photographer sees through the viewfinder. The amount of light passing through the lens, called the aperture, determines how bright the picture is gonna be. Simply put, with larger apertures, you’ll have brighter photos.

With an aperture of 1.6 and seven lenses working together, the iPhone 15 Pro Max captures the minute details that are not noticeable in previous versions.

The telephoto is equipped with a totally different Preiscome lens system that allows for 5x zoom. This is exclusively for iPhone 15 Pro Max. As for the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro, they only allow for 3x zoom.

iphone 15 cameras

iPhone 15 Pro Max Photography in Real Estate

Good visuals, like high-quality real estate photos, play a major role in a real estate agent’s profession. With 90% of property owners preferring real estate agents taking charge of the transaction, and 75% of agents preferring to shoot the property themselves, it is easy to see why agents should learn to take astonishing photos.

Successful real estate shooting requires five steps. If you go through these steps, you’ll be saving a great deal on your marketing budget, and you will certainly have a higher chance of selling the property more quickly. If you are an agent and want to get behind the camera yourself, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the best you can ask for, and here’s how you should do it.

Use a tripod

I know that your iPhone 15 Pro Max is light and handy and comes with a camera stabilizer, but using a tripod for shooting a property has two other advantages that you should never underestimate.

Firstly, it provides stability, ensuring that your images are sharp and free of blurs, especially in low-light conditions. A stable camera allows you to capture the fine details and textures of the property accurately.

Secondly, a tripod allows for consistent framing and composition, allowing you to carefully align your shots and maintain visual balance throughout the series of photos. This is particularly important when presenting a cohesive and professional portfolio to clients.

Always shoot with the HDR mode on

With real estate photography, there is always the possibility of having extreme shadows or lights. This implies a wide tonal range in photos that affects the quality.

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature in the iPhone 15 Pro Max allows you to take and blend several shots at different levels. This way, no area of the picture will seem too bright or too dark, hence leaving a better impression on the viewers.

Include two walls in your photos

When shooting the interior of a house, you have the option of capturing 1 to 4 walls in your photos. While you may think the number of walls in the photos doesn’t affect the house hunter, I humbly disagree, and here are my reasons:

  • Photos showing only one wall look flat and tell viewers nothing about the depth of the room.
  • Photos depicting three or four walls make the room look narrow and thus uninviting.
  • With two walls, however, you can show the depth of the place without unintentionally making it look narrow.

Our Verdict

By deciding to shoot the property yourself, you’ll reduce your marketing costs a great deal. But here’s a thought: Immediately attaching those photos to a listing without editing them is a mistake you never want to make.

A common and quite damaging belief among agents is that just like how they don’t need photographers, they also don’t need anyone to edit their listing photos. Real estate photos meant for online listings have to present you and your operations in the best light. How so? By having the greatest possible quality, which is something best done by real estate photo editing companies such as Revivoto. The photos you take will most probably need certain improvements, such as:

Revivoto will edit your real estate photos in under 24 hours with the best price you can find all around the market. If you still have doubts, check out our tree trial first, and then you’ll know what to do.

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