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Revivoto vs. Styldod: Helping You Choose the Best Real Estate Virtual Staging Service

by Tan Tason
Revivoto vs. Styldod

Virtual staging is a technology-driven real estate photo editing solution that transforms vacant or poorly furnished spaces into visually appealing, fully furnished environments using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and, more recently, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With significant improvements in recent years, virtual staging offers a dramatically cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional staging, where physical furniture and decor are manually placed to create a single staged space. In virtual staging, digital furniture, artwork, and other elements are added to empty spaces, creating realistic and enticing visual representations of a property’s potential.

It goes without saying that there are numerous upsides to using virtual staging in today’s fast-paced and high-demand real estate market, including the enhanced visual appeal of listings, cost-efficiency, flexibility, customization, rapid turnaround times, service accessibility and remote visualization, wider audience reach, and improved buyer perception. That’s somehow a given.

Several platforms offer professional virtual staging services online. As a result, the more pressing question is, “From which online virtual staging service will you benefit the most?”

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Styldod & Revivoto: Showdown in Real Estate Virtual Staging Services

This article focuses on the virtual staging services of two prominent companies in the real estate photo editing arena, namely Styldod, an established name in the field of real estate marketing located in Kent County, DE, and Revivoto, an ambitious platform with a quickly increasing customer base within the realm of real estate photo editing hailing from Vancouver, BC.

Styldod, established in 2015, is somewhat of a household name when it comes to real estate marketing. This company has standard real estate photo editing services, such as virtual staging, photo editing, day-to-dusk, image enhancement, item removal, etc. Still, its services are not limited to photo editing. In addition to property websites, videos, virtual tours, and floor plans, Styldod has its hands full with a newly launched marketing toolkit, offering several ChatGPT-based content generation services.

Revivoto was established in 2021 with a mission to decrease customer expenses by integrating up-to-date technology with industry best practices. It has a more specific approach to real estate photo editing, establishing itself as a service provider of a niche market, focusing on virtual staging, image enhancement, day-to-dusk transformation, item removal, and 360 virtual staging as five highly specialized services.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the subject at hand. We’ll begin by mentioning a few key strengths each company has as an industry player. Next, we’ll discuss key competitive features that distinguish the two virtual staging services from a customer’s point of view, including turnaround times, design expertise, and pricing structure. Eventually, based on their importance in clients’ final decisions, we’ll compare each company’s end-result quality to help you make the more suitable choice.

What Helps Styldod Stand Out?

Styldod has varied tools, branding itself as a “tech design” company. However, their virtual staging service is still one of their most pivotal ones that comes with the following key features:

Different virtual staging services

Styldod categorizes its virtual staging services into four segments, namely:

  1. virtual staging
  2. commercial virtual staging
  3. Matterport virtual tours staging
  4. virtual renovation.

The first two categories have quite identical functions, but the latter two give clients more immersive options for advertisement. Completely staged virtual tours can give home hunters a more comprehensive experience, and reimagining a real estate space through digital renovation is the perfect tool for exploring opportunities and coming up with new ideas.

Extensive furniture catalog

Given the residential and commercial categories above, Styldod offers a vast selection of digitally rendered furniture, allowing users to choose from various styles, colors, and designs to suit different property types and target audiences.

Money back guarantee

Styldod emphasizes a “money-back guaranteed” approach, explicitly stating on its website that clients can request refunds if they aren’t happy with Styldod’s results. One cannot disagree with the fact that the promise of your money back with no questions asked in case of unfavorable results can create some form of assurance.

But at the end of the day, satisfaction with results and the ability to fulfill your goals come first, even if you get your money back in a few seconds.

How is Revivoto One-Of-A-Kind?

Revivoto, as a company solely focused on real estate photo editing, has spent its entire time improving the quality of its services since its inception. Along with four other services (Image Enhancement, Item Removal, Day to Dusk, 360 Virtual Staging), it is currently offering virtual staging for real estate photos, taking pride in the following notable features:

Scandinavian living room before staging Scandinavian living room after staging

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Competitive pricing

Revivoto offers a cost-cutting pricing structure with regard to virtual staging and all other photo editing services. Revivoto’s client-favorite prices are competitive if you consider the entire industry, including Styldod. It appears that their “proprietary technology” has paid off, and they have managed to lower the expenses of their products while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Photo-realistic quality

The Chinese seemingly have a proverb that says, “Cheap things are not good. Good things are not cheap.” Well, that saying falls flat on its face regarding Revivoto’s image quality. Thanks to in-house digital interior designers with a background in architecture and a machine learning team that actively develops proprietary technology, Revivoto has successfully delivered top-notch final images with photo-realistic quality and meticulous attention to detail, even with such competitive prices.

Compared to Revivoto, even an untrained eye can recognize that Styldod’s photo quality trails behind and is clearly generated by a computer.

Maximum expertise

As mentioned above, Revivoto specializes in real estate photo editing and focuses all its resources on optimizing and delivering five services, one of which is virtual staging. Furthermore, unlike Styldod, Revivoto does not use a standardized application for its services. In addition to using AI and machine learning, Revivoto’s skilled interior designers and architects use a range of software to incorporate professional human expertise into their editing processes and improve the efficiency of their machines.

Styldod may be offering more services in number, but if you’re looking for superior quality in terms of photo editing, Revivoto can offer much better results thanks to its specialized focus in this field.

Balance of AI and human touch

Though Revivoto has been operating along the edges of advanced technology in the realm of real estate photo editing – integrating AI-based processes like machine learning into their operations – they continuously emphasize a deeply rooted loyalty to human input.

Modern technology, with artificial intelligence at the center, has brought unprecedented levels of computer power and output. However, at this time, at least, computers alone cannot get the entire job done. It is with this mindset that Revivoto continues to rely on actual developers, designers, and architects to bring that all-too-important human authenticity to the table. With machine and man together at work, Revivoto has been able to set itself apart within the industry.

Revivoto & Styldod: Head to Head

Both companies offer virtual staging services that have appealed to and are used by thousands of users worldwide. However, when you put them side by side, essential factors can influence your choice as a client. After all, it’s your time, money, and business success on the line, and because of that, you definitely deserve to choose the service that provides better results.

User experience

Finding the services of each company on their websites is relatively easy, and if you pay them a visit, you’ll probably find what you need quite easily. Compared with Revivoto’s minimalistic appearance, Styldod’s website can seem cluttered, though that can be attributed to its many other photo editing and marketing services.

As for using their virtual staging services, Revivoto requires you to create an online account, which is free and easy to make with no monthly subscriptions. After that, you only need to upload your photos, choose your desired actions or styles, and let them do their job. Styldod does not require separate account creation, though you must submit your name, email, and phone number when placing an order. The entire process for both companies is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take much of your time.

One difference that catches the eye when submitting a single photo for virtual staging on either company’s website is staging options. Revivoto allows you to select a maximum of 3 room types and 5 output results (e.g., one output for 5 different staging styles or two with the Scandinavian style and 3 with the urban style).

Though Styldod’s list of room types is longer, you can choose only one furnishing style and one room type for a single image on their website, effectively limiting your choice of staging theme and style.

Turnaround time

For a homeowner with a single house for sale, a time difference of a day or two for receiving edited images doesn’t matter much. But for real estate professionals, even an up-and-coming local realtor with fixed work hours and just five property listings – which equal at least 40 to 50 different pictures – hours count.

From that viewpoint, Revivoto takes the lead with its guaranteed turnaround time of under 24 hours for any project. Styldod, on the other hand, has a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours, depending on the size of the project. For shorter project deliveries under 24 or 12 hours, Styldod requires you to pay an additional $6 or $12, respectively, increasing the total fees you’ll have to pay to receive results sooner.

As mentioned, in the highly competitive real estate industry, hours matter, let alone a time difference of an entire day. Hypothetically, if Styldod is going to take a day longer for every single project, a realtor with 7 property listings can fall behind by a week, enough for any buyer to find their dream house on another website.

Customer support

Both companies offer ongoing customer support before and during a project. They have email customer service and online website chats where you can ask questions about any aspect of their services, including prices, ordering, online account, website navigation, etc.

Mind you, some users have taken to the Internet to vent a bit about persistent phone calls from Styldod staff concerning incomplete projects or future offers.

Fees and price plans

Besides turnaround times, pricing is the second factor that puts Revivoto’s virtual staging service in the lead.

Revivoto works with a credit-based system on their website where each credit equals $1. Their virtual staging starts at 18.99 credits (or $18.99), meaning you can virtually stage a single photo with one room type and one interior design style for this price. That exact order given to Styldod costs $23.

“How is that possible?” you may wonder. Since Styldod’s services are claimed to start at $16 per image.

Well, that price is for their bulk order plan with a required minimum of 8 images. That means you’ll have to submit 8 images for the $16 per image plan, amounting to a total of $128. In addition, if you wish to receive those images in 24 hours, you’ll have to pay an additional $6 per image.

The $23 mentioned above is for a single virtual staging order to be delivered in 24 to 48 hours without any added services.

Also, property photos are generally not completely vacant when submitted for virtual staging, and you may need to use item removal services beforehand. That means you’ll also have other fees, highlighting the importance of more cost-efficient offers for virtual staging orders.

farmhouse dining room before farmhouse dining room after

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At the End of the Day, Results Matter

We’re almost at the end of our side-by-side comparison of Revivoto and Styldod, but the most important topic remains.

Apart from all other factors, such as turnaround time, design diversity, prices, online support, and so on, you, as a client, are looking to receive the best possible result for your property listings, especially if you are a real estate agent or an advertising agency seeking that much-needed competitive edge within your industry.

You should also remember that in staged photos, the space’s staging composition and aesthetics are just as important and impactful as the image’s quality and realism. A high-resolution photo of a cramped bedroom has as little appeal as a masterfully decorated but cartoonish or noisy image of a living room.

Simply put, Revivoto is well ahead of its counterpart in both aspects.

Styldod offers acceptable results. Its images are good enough, and it offers a variety of designs, styles, and items for virtual staging. However, if you present the final pictures by Styldod to the average person, they will easily realize that the photos are computer-generated, especially with regard to more detailed elements such as lighting, shadows, fireplaces, etc.

In addition, Styldod can sometimes provide results with unsatisfactory or questionable item compositions or designs. You may come across a piece of furniture that doesn’t belong in a room or a mirror with an incorrect reflection angle.

Some may consider these issues as small and not damaging by and of themselves. However, if you place Styldod’s staged picture next to more realistic samples of staged spaces, you cannot help being put off. Such results will subconsciously push home buyers away as they will be naturally drawn to images of listings that are more realistic with greater details.

Revivoto, however, delivers more suitable results. On one level, the consistent photo-realistic quality found in all its pictures – applied to various photo aspects, including lighting, shadows, texture, etc. – will certainly prove much more appealing to your clients. This quality has been achieved through the work of their machine learning team and experienced operators who make sure the staging processes are constantly optimized.

Also, Revivoto pays impressive attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned and creating staged spaces that are visually optimized in every aspect. This meticulous approach to projects seems part of their company culture, as Revivoto founders come from both architecture and real estate backgrounds and have hands-on experience with the issues that matter most in each industry.

Moreover, with the help of their interior designers, Revivoto continuously reviews and monitors room compositions and staging styles to ensure no furniture is extra or out of place.

Visuals: Side-by-side images of Revivoto & Styldod results; ideally, identical images should be submitted for acceptable comparisons.

What’s the Verdict?

Both virtual staging services can fulfill the basic needs of professionals within the realm of real estate. However, in the fiercely competitive landscape of the real estate market and the changing demands of home buyers, basic is not what you’re looking for. Choosing a service that benefits you consistently and continuously seems to be the more reasonable choice.

If you’re the kind of person looking for a one-stop shop that offers photo editing as well as marketing services, Styldod could be suitable. You can run all projects in one place.

However, Revivoto offers noticeably better virtual staging services for lower prices. Also, you have more options on their websites, and you’ll receive your desired results much sooner without having to go back and forth for revisions. This will save you a great deal of time and money in the long term and allows you to focus on the more pressing issues and responsibilities that you already have.

With Revivoto and the notably greater images they produce, you’ll have a better chance of standing out among the crowd and conveying your professionalism to your competition and customers alike.

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