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Real Estate Photo Editing Showdown: BoxBrownie vs. Revivoto – Which Reigns Supreme?

by Tan Tason
BoxBrownie vs Revivoto

Real estate is a fast and dynamic industry. Demand constantly changes, clients are rightfully elusive, and the competition can be increasingly fierce.

Accordingly, the various companies and service providers that cater to the needs of key real estate players work around the clock to navigate the ups and downs of this industry and facilitate the path toward successful real estate transactions.

A group of companies serving the real estate industry specialize in real estate photo editing as a powerful advertisement tool. In this realm, two names distinctively stand out. BoxBrownie, a seasoned photo editing company and a household name in real estate marketing, and Revivoto, a company exploring the edges of advanced photo editing technology and raising the bar high regarding service delivery (turnaround time) and editing quality.

In this blog, we turn the spotlight on these photo editing heavyweights and discuss their services, features, offers, and more.

Mind you, this blog will only focus on real estate photo editing services (with emphasis on “editing”), and in this scope, we’ll be reviewing the two companies mostly based on the following five services and their features:

Let’s do this. It’s BoxBrownie vs. Revivoto.

Unlimited Revisions2-month deadline3-month deadline
Customer support


(Phone, email, live chat)


(Phone, email, live chat)

Staging Styles47
Turnaround Time24 hours (except virtual staging)24 hours (all services)
Base Pricing (USD)Virtual Staging$24.00$18.99
Item Removal$4.00-$8.00$2.99
Day to Dusk$4.00$3.99
Image Enhancement$1.60$0.95
360° Virtual Staging$48.00$28.99

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BoxBrownie vs. Revivoto: Opposing Corners, Same Industry

Quite interestingly, these two companies come from two different corners of the world map.

Established in 2014, BoxBrownie hails from the Sunshine Coast in westernmost Australia. As a well-known and experienced photo editing company for real estate, BoxBrownie has made its mark within the real estate industry by becoming one of the top go-to photo editing platforms.

Revivoto, on the other side, is based in Vancouver, BC, on Canada’s east coast. With a shorter but highly dynamic and busy presence in the field of real estate photo editing, Revivoto has been making waves throughout the industry with superior photo quality, industry-record turnarounds at no additional cost, and unprecedented prices.

What makes this comparison interesting and, more importantly, crucial is the fact that the real estate industry is relying more and more on online marketing campaigns and advertisement techniques.

Heavily hit by the Covid pandemic, the entire real estate industry in various parts of the globe painfully witnessed what it had gradually understood through past decades: To accommodate the emerging markets of the present and future, house-to-house visits, cold calls, and flyers could no longer cut it.

Online presence became an integral part of their operations as more and more potential buyers flocked to real estate websites to browse for their dream homes.


As mentioned in the beginning, when we put BoxBrownie vs. Revivoto, we’re focusing solely on their photo editing services. BoxBrownie comes with a range of other advertising tools, even including aerial editing and copywriting, but those are outside the scope of this blog.

So, in the boundaries of real estate photo editing, the two companies offer the following services.

Virtual staging

Imagine adding virtual furniture and decor to an empty room, making it look super cozy and inviting. That’s virtual staging service! It helps potential buyers visualize how their future home would look, even if the actual place is empty.

Contemporary living room before Contemporary living room after

Item removal

Sometimes, there might be distracting objects in a photo that you don’t want potential buyers to see, like an old sofa, clutter, or even people. On other occasions, you might want to get rid of all space furnishings and end up with a photo of an empty room. With item removal, those unwanted things magically disappear, leaving a clean and appealing picture.

before item removal after item removal

Day-to-dusk transformation

Have you ever seen those stunning photos of homes with a beautiful sunset in the background? Day-to-dusk transformation turns daytime photos into dreamy twilight scenes. It creates a warm and magical ambiance that can make any property look more charming.

outdoor day to dusk before outdoor day to dusk after

Image enhancement

This is like giving your photos a little makeover! Image enhancement includes adjusting colors, brightness, contrast, and other details to make the property pictures look their absolute best. It’s all about making them pop and impress potential buyers.

before TV screen Replacement after TV screen Replacement

360° virtual staging

Instead of just staging individual photos, 360° virtual staging takes it to the next level! It creates an interactive experience where viewers can virtually “walk through” a space and see it from every angle. It’s like having a personal tour of the property, all from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.


Considering the services above, each comes with different features, including price, turnaround time, and styles. Moreover, each company has defined specific terms and policies regarding their services, customer relations, and so on.

Let’s get into more details and inspect these two real estate photo editing contenders more closely.

Before we begin, however, remember that both companies offer great end results for all their services with photo-realistic quality, notable attention to detail, and evident expertise. Therefore, we have decided to set aside arguments about product quality since this subject is both quite subjective and, let’s face it, rather futile since both of these businesses fulfill client expectations in terms of final quality.


Pricing is probably the main battleground between the two companies. Various add-on services push the price tags of both companies up and down, so we’ll consider the base price of each of the five services mentioned above.

virtual staging

For virtual home staging, which is one of the most popular services in the entire real estate industry, BoxBrownie has set the price at $24.00. On the other side of the world, Revivoto offers the same service for the base price of $18.99.

Even if you consider Revivoto’s normal price for this service, you’ll save 5 bucks for every single virtual staging service order. If the average two-bedroom house has 6 separate spaces – two bedrooms, the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the backyard – you can save $30 on every house. From this viewpoint, BoxBrownie virtual staging can be a tad pricy when you think of scaling operations.

Traditional dining room before virtual staging Traditional dining room after virtual staging

item removal

For item removal (aka virtual decluttering), which is also quite popular and goes hand-in-hand with the previous service and prepares spaces for a neat and effective real estate virtual staging, BoxBrownie charges anywhere from $4 to $8. Revivoto, however, has set the base item removal price at $2.99 to $4.99.

The price ranges you see for item removal depend on your project.

BoxBrownie charges $4 for the removal of 1 or 2 small items and $8 for 3+ small items or 1 or more large items. Revivoto, however, charges just under three bucks for 1 or 2 small items and almost 5 dollars for 3+ items or, conveniently, the entire room, regardless of the number or size of items.

day-to-dusk transformation

In this service, the prices of the two companies aren’t that much different.

BoxBrownie charges clients $4 for the most basic day-to-dusk photo, and Revivoto goes one cent under.

Image enhancement

Image enhancement is typically the cheapest service within the realm of real estate photo editing. Nevertheless, you see the wide price gap between BoxBrownie and Revivoto here as well. BB offers image enhancement for the starting price of $1.60, whereas Revivoto goes under a dollar and offers image enhancement for $0.95.

360° virtual staging

Finally, we arrive at the most expensive item in this suite of real estate photo editing services. 360° virtual staging is the same as virtual staging real estate but, as the name suggests, is applied to 360° images of empty space.

In the most expensive service, we see the widest price gap between the two companies. BoxBrownie offers 360° virtual staging for a whopping $48, while Revivoto goes almost 20 bucks less and fulfills 360° virtual staging orders for $28.99.

 Virtual StagingItem RemovalDay-to-Dusk Image Enhancement360° Virtual Staging

As can be seen, Revivoto has managed to offer much more affordable pricing than BoxBrownie across all its real estate photo editing services. So, if you’re considering BoxBrownie vs. Revivoto price-wise, the younger company has taken the lead!

Turnaround time

This is another area where Revivoto takes the baton and sprints off into the horizon!

Team Canada guarantees delivery of all orders, specifically those of the highly popular virtual staging service, within 24 hours. Thus, whatever order you place with Revivoto, you can expect the results in less than a day.

Granted, BoxBrownie has the same 24-hour delivery, but it applies to all their services except virtual staging. BoxBrownie trails behind by a 48-hour turnaround time for this service, which means each order for BoxBrownie virtual staging comes a day later than Revivoto.

This one-day gap may not amount to anything when considering one or two projects. But if you’re a real estate agent or agency with hundreds of properties on your hands, a 24-hour delay for every BoxBrownie virtual staging will put you behind the competition by weeks or months.


As for revisions, which can sometimes become necessary, both companies give clients a chance to request changes to their final results. This flexibility is vital, especially in the real estate industry, where you need some wiggle room to accommodate a meticulous boss’s opinions, your customer’s taste, and the shifting attitudes and trends toward real estate presentation.

In this regard, BoxBrownie has a time limitation on its free revision policy. You can request changes to your previous photos with no charge if you submit those changes within 2 months of receiving the final results. Revivoto finds another advantage in this area as well, as it offers clients 3 months to review their results, assess their changing needs, a submit their requests for changes if need be.


These styles refer to the various types of furniture choices and placement concerning the furnishings used in the virtual staging services of these companies.

This is another area where BoxBrownie virtual staging trails behind Revivoto. BB offers its clients four layout styles for virtual home staging, namely, Scandinavian, modern, urban-industrial, and farmhouse, whereas Revivoto adds three highly sought styles to this collection, bringing its total available real estate virtual staging styles to 7 with the addition of Contemporary, Hampton, and traditional styles, providing clients with three styles and hundreds of resulting layouts to choose.

Scandinavian dining room before staging Scandinavian dining room after staging

User experience

The entire ordering process of both companies is quite easy and straightforward. You need to fill out a quick form and create your online profile. From there, you can top up your account and place your orders.

Nevertheless, for newcomers, BoxBrownie’s website might be a rather tough nut to crack. Compared to Revivoto’s, BoxBrownie’s website is quite cluttered – no pun intended – and you’ll need time to find your way around.

While Revivoto has apparently made it a point to come up with a minimalist website design for easier navigation and a smooth user experience, BoxBrownie has packed so much in there.

Things at BoxBrownie’s website get worse when you enter your online profile. You’ll definitely be dazed for a good number of seconds the first time you enter your profile, and hopefully, after a much-deserved timeout, you can start browsing the various photos, icons, and items to find your way around.

Customer support

In terms of customer support, the companies don’t differ much. Both offer clients 24/7 support via phone, email, and website live chat throughout the entire photo editing process. Whether you have questions about prices, processes, your user profile, or any other details, you can count on the customer support of both companies to help you through.

Copyright, security & privacy

Customers don’t need to be concerned in this regard when working with these two companies. Neither BoxBrownie nor Revivoto claims any ownership of your photos, and whether you’re uploading property photos or downloading final edited results, they’re all yours, no questions asked.

Moreover, both companies vow to keep all client information highly secure and strictly confidential. So, whether you’re sensitive about your personal information or the photos of the properties you’re working on, BoxBrownie and Revivoto commit to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality.


In conclusion, when comparing BoxBrownie vs. Revivoto, the latter emerges as the more favorable choice. While both companies offer high-quality photo editing services, Revivoto takes the lead in several key areas.

First and foremost, Revivoto stands out with its significantly more affordable pricing across all its services. With competitive base prices and ongoing promotional offers, clients can save considerable amounts on every order. Additionally, Revivoto’s commitment to faster turnaround times, especially in virtual staging, as well as its wider range of virtual staging styles, gives clients a competitive edge in the fast-paced real estate market.

Quite importantly, the user experience on Revivoto’s website is streamlined and straightforward, allowing clients to easily use their website and place orders seamlessly with no time wasted on learning how to navigate their online platform.

Lastly, Revivoto leaves no stone unturned, as its dedication to customer support, data security, and privacy ensures a smooth and reliable experience for all clients. By offering exceptional services at competitive prices, Revivoto proves to be a superior choice for real estate photo editing needs, empowering clients to attract potential buyers with stunning and immersive visuals.

revivoto virtual staging vs boxbrownie virtual staging


Both offer 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and website live chat to assist clients across all services and processes.

Yes, for image enhancement, you don’t necessarily have to submit furnished rooms. Both companies offer image enhancement services to make property pictures look their absolute best, even for empty rooms.

Revivoto sets itself apart with more affordable pricing, faster turnaround times, a wider range of virtual staging styles, a user-friendly website, and better customer service, evident, for instance, by their longer free unlimited revisions deadline.

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