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The Best Virtual Staging Companies of 2023: A Comparison with Pros & Cons

by Tan Tason
best virtual staging company

That’s it! Your mind’s made up!

You’ve finalized your weekly plan for the upcoming 3 months, identified your target audience, have enough advertisement material to put your campaign in full swing, and the only missing piece of the puzzle is a number of appealing photos of the properties you have listed for sale.

The answer: Cost- and time-efficient virtually staged photos to capture the hearts and minds of all potential clients.

But here’s another question: Which virtual staging service should you choose?

It’s 2023, photo editing online platforms and software pop up here and there, and you must have heard of numerous companies that provide virtual staging solutions.

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What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging refers to the process of digitally enhancing and decorating real estate photographs of empty or sparsely furnished properties to create more appealing and attractive visual representations for marketing purposes.

This practice, which invites expertise from various fields such as photo editing, architecture, interior design, and real estate, involves using computer-generated furniture, decor, and other virtual elements to showcase the potential of a space and help potential buyers or renters envision how the property could look when fully furnished.

Virtual staging is commonly used in the real estate industry – as well as other realms such as retail or hospitality – to make vacant properties more marketable and to provide a better sense of the property’s possibilities to potential customers.

Top 6 Virtual Staging Companies

Let’s dive in right away and compare the top 6 best virtual staging companies of 2023. The service providers under the spotlight here are:

  • Revivoto
  • Virtual Staging Solutions
  • Virtually Staging Properties
  • Styldod
  • BoxBrownie

To provide you with the best and fairest comparison between the virtual staging services of these companies, we’ve put aside factors and criteria that can be regarded subjectively, such as final result quality or customer support.

As a result, the four criteria used to weigh these companies against one another are 1) the lowest price per image, 2) base turnaround time in hours, 3) number of staging styles, and 4) number of free revisions after the original job is completed.


Revivoto is one of the fresher players in the industry and offers a comprehensive suite of real estate photo editing services, including image enhancement, item removal, day-to-dusk transformation, 360° virtual staging, and, yes, virtual staging.

The first advantage of Revivoto is its disruptive pricing. With no hidden fees, it charges $18.99 per photo and guarantees 24-hour delivery. Moreover, it gives you unlimited free revision for all of its services, an option that has maximized customer satisfaction.

Plus, you have 7 styles to choose from, the second-highest number of style options for virtual staging within the market. From Modern or Hampton to Scandinavian and Contemporary, you can choose whatever staging style you like, and Revivoto applies it to your listing photos.

With favorable result quality, the lowest industry price, a turnaround time of 24 hours, and unlimited free revisions, Revivoto can be regarded as the most suitable choice for realtors and home sellers who are about to put their properties on the market.

To order Virtual Staging at an unbeatable price click below!

Industrial dining room before virtual staging Industrial dining room after virtual staging
Scandinavian kitchen before staging Scandinavian kitchen after staging
hampton bedroom before hampton bedroom after
farmhouse living room before farmhouse living room after is a prominent virtual staging company known for its cutting-edge technology and expertise in transforming vacant spaces into captivating, digitally staged masterpieces. Similar to other companies, they offer virtual staging services, along with a few other real estate photo editing solutions.

With 8 different staging styles, a turnaround time of 24 hours, and a fee of $24 per photo, they are a leading player in this field that can deliver the results rapidly to keep competitive realtors on top of their game.

However, when you put the final results of virtually staged rooms by next to the products of other companies, you cannot help but see the unrealistic, animated quality. In a pinch or under a time crunch, gets the job done. But if you really aim to stand out within the crowded real estate industry, the quality you get from doesn’t cut it.

Virtual Staging Solutions

As a trusted name in the virtual staging industry, Virtual Staging Solutions brings creativity and innovation to the forefront of its services. With a focus on personalized staging, they work closely with clients to understand their preferences and target audience, ensuring a tailored and captivating staging approach.

Nevertheless, all that attention and expertise amount to little advantage when you take a look at their pricing. Virtual Staging Solutions applies virtual staging to a single photo for $99, and even now, with a promotional offer, they’ve cut their prices to $75. They have the highest price tag in the entire industry, a figure which is probably only suited to extremely high-end real estate businesses or home sellers. Though the quality of final results by Virtual Staging Solutions is great, compared to other companies, they don’t offer much more.

Moreover, their turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours, and they only offer two rounds of revisions after the project has been delivered. As a result, there’s nothing out there to justify that hefty price.

Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtually Staging Properties

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Virtually Staging Properties is a reputable company dedicated to enhancing real estate marketing through virtual staging services. Virtually Staging Properties has a dedicated team of designers who possess that will deliver realistic and captivating visual presentations of your properties.

Even though they deliver favorable results, apart from high prices – starting from $39 – the main downside of Virtually Staging Properties is that they work with a pretty one-sided approach when it comes to client engagement. This means that you submit your photos, explain what you want, and then wait for the results. No specific choices and no styles to select. All you can do is to choose a sample within their gallery that most resembles your desired style. Granted, they know what they’re doing, but compared to other companies, the whole process will make you feel left out.

The lowest price offered by Virtually Staging Properties is $39 per photo, which will be delivered in 48 hours. Moreover, they state that “no edits are needed as you select the furnishings and the photos we stage.” Let’s hope you like what you get since, for the $39 service, there are no redos!

Also, this platform only offers virtual staging services, so if you have a poor property photo in need of enhancement or a cluttered space that could do with some item removal, you’ll have to find another company.

Virtually Staging Properties

Virtually Staging Properties


Offering various other real estate marketing services besides photo editing, Styldod has become a full-stack marketing provider in this industry. Their services cover various photo editing solutions, AI content generation, website development, video, and so on.

While Styldod can be regarded as a one-stop shop for real estate marketing, for the more meticulous real estate agent or home seller, a more expert and focused company that works solely on real estate photos and has managed to optimize its services may be a better choice for virtual staging.

Styldod’s pricing plan is a bit misleading. It charges $16 per photo – if you order at least 8 photos. For single photos, it’s $23. Also, for add-ons, you’ll have to loosen those purse strings even more. Their normal turnaround time is one to two days, and, in case you ever feel like paying more, they offer 12-hour express delivery.


Styldod Virtual Staging


BoxBrownie is one of the most well-known names in the field of real estate photo editing.

Hailing from the land Down Under, BoxBrownie boasts a wide array of services, including virtual staging, image enhancement, and 3D rendering, making them a comprehensive service provider in this industry.

Their virtual staging offerings cater to diverse property types, that is, residential or commercial, empowering clients to showcase properties in their best light.

Also, BoxBrownie with an emphasis on providing responsive customer support.

BoxBrownie charges customers $24.00 for a single photo and promises to deliver results in 48 hours. It gives you 4 different staging styles, that is, Scandinavian, modern, urban-industrial, and farmhouse, and provides customers with a free revision within 2 months of the original job date.

Boxbrownie Virtual Staging

Boxbrownie Virtual Staging

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging continuously utilizes updated technology to facilitate marketing and advertisement processes, and it comes with scores of advantages compared to more traditional practices like physical house staging.

  • Cost-effective: Traditional physical staging can be expensive as it involves renting or purchasing actual furniture and decor and then hiring a number of professionals to shuffle items around, take photos, and enhance those images. Virtual staging is more cost-effective since it only requires digital editing and does not involve physical items.
  • Time-saving: Physical staging can take time to set up and dismantle. And by time, we mean more than a few days. Virtual staging can be completed quickly, allowing properties to be listed and marketed faster.
  • Versatility: With virtual staging, it’s easy to experiment with different layouts, styles, and furnishings without physically moving items around, providing more flexibility in showcasing various options.
  • Appealing visuals: Virtual staging can create eye-catching, high-quality images that attract potential buyers or renters, leading to increased interest and quicker sales. You’re not exaggerating the features of the properties but rather giving buyers a deep understanding of their full potential.
  • Empty space transformation: For vacant properties, virtual staging can help buyers or renters visualize the potential of the space and provide a better understanding of room proportions and layout possibilities.
  • Personalization: Virtual staging allows potential buyers or renters to envision the property as their own, as they can see how their style and preferences fit into the space. From another viewpoint, you can employ various styles and layouts, so there’s something out there for everyone.
  • Revisions and updates: If a property is already physically staged but needs minor adjustments, virtual staging can be used to make changes without the need to redecorate the entire space.
  • Minimal disruptions: For properties that are still occupied, virtual staging can avoid disruptions to current residents, as there is no need to move furniture in and out for staging purposes.

All 6 in One Glance

Bear in mind that all the values in the table below are for the pay-per-order pricing structures of each company and relate to the most basic type of order accepted by each of them.

CriteriaRevivotoVS24Virtual Staging SolutionsVirtually Staging PropertiesStyldodBoxBrownie
Lowest Price Per Image$18.99$24.00$99.00$39.00$23.00$24.00
Base Turnaround Time (Hours)Less than 242424-484824-4848
Staging Styles784N/A84
Free RevisionsUnlimitedUnlimited2 roundsN/AUnlimited1 (within 2 months of original job)

Best Virtual Staging companies


In the rapidly evolving world of real estate marketing, virtual staging has emerged as a cost-effective and efficient solution to showcase properties in their best light.

Among the top 6 virtual staging companies of 2023, Revivoto stands out as the clear winner.

With its disruptive pricing of $18.99 per photo, 24-hour delivery, and unlimited free revisions, Revivoto offers the most compelling package for realtors and home sellers.

The company’s extensive selection of 7 staging styles allows for personalization, ensuring that each property resonates with its target audience. Moreover, the high-quality results and minimal disruptions make Revivoto the most suitable choice for anyone looking to maximize their property’s potential in the competitive real estate market.

By consistently delivering outstanding service and value, Revivoto has earned its place as the best company for real estate virtual staging in 2023.


Revivoto’s virtual staging service starts from $18.99 per photo, the lowest price in the entire industry. Moreover, this platform runs numerous limited-time promotional offers throughout the year that slash their prices down even more!
Revivito takes the lead by having the lowest price of $18.99 per photo, same-day delivery, a suitable number of staging styles, and unlimited free revisions.
Revivoto offers 7 staging styles with regard to virtual staging, namely Modern, Scandinavian, urban industrial, farmhouse, contemporary, Hampton, and traditional.

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