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Blog » Editing » 10 Best Apps for Removing Items From Real Estate Photos

10 Best Apps for Removing Items From Real Estate Photos

by Tan Tason
best apps for removing items from real estate photos

The display of your home can be affected by removing undesired items from your images. You could use the current best apps for removing items from real estate photos to remove minor items and rebuild vast areas easily. It produces a spotless environment that enhances its appeal.

When photographing a real estate listing, unwanted objects might sometimes appear. You need an app that can remove objects from the backdrop, whether they are curtains blocking the view of a stunning sunset or undesired background objects in a room.

Many photographers face the frequent difficulty of removing a distracting feature from a picture. No matter how hard we try to get everything perfect in-camera, sometimes undesired items cannot be ignored. This article outlines 7 programs that remove unwanted objects from photos.

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The Benefits of Item Removal in Real Estate Photos

Staging is a tried and true technique for increasing the attractiveness and sales potential of your property. However, staging sometimes fails, especially when you need to remove a few small items in the front and background.

The purpose of the photographs you shoot is to help potential buyers see themselves living in the home. Therefore, item removal in real estate is essential. Virtual decluttering is the process of digitally removing clutter and other objects from a photo to make it cleaner and more attractive.

Virtual decluttering is often utilized in real estate photography since clutter may be distracting and frequently makes a place seem smaller in photographs. The benefits of removing items from real estate images include:

  • It prepares images for virtual staging, enabling you to promote your house more effectively.
  • It enhances buyer interest and allows you to sell the property for a higher price.
  • It makes the home the center point, allowing all aspects of the property to be seen without hindrance.
  • It helps you establish a professional image and maintain a competitive edge over your rivals.

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The Most Effective and Best App for Removing Items From Real Estate Photos

If you’re searching for a free app to remove undesired items from your photos, such as imperfections, shadows, or a stranger who unintentionally appears in the photograph, we’ve got you covered. Although it is hard to always capture attractive photographs, it is feasible to improve the overall appearance of a picture with only a few clicks. Below is a listing of the best apps for removing items from real estate photos.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Since Photoshop is a full-featured photo editor and specialized retouching tool with numerous functions, most professionals, like photographers and designers, rely on it. A more practical mobile picture editing software is Adobe Photoshop Fix, which includes the best and most effective healing capabilities for quickly removing unwanted items from photographs and fixing imperfections.

Pros Cons
  • Includes the ability to alter brush size and strength to remove things from photographs with precision
  • Professional, feature-rich picture editor that offers essential editing, retouching, and filtering
  • Requires expertise
  • Complicated


For people who desire precise image manipulation, Snapseed is useful. It offers a variety of techniques to make your images stand out. Using the Healing tool, you are able to get rid of items. Simply draw over the object you want to delete, and the application will handle the rest.

Pros Cons
  • Capacity to erase minor items and flaws from photographs with precision
  • User-friendly
  • Does not need prior experience
  • Completely free
  • Excellent AI for item removal
  • Many excellent picture editing tools
  • Not suitable for experts
  • Large items are tricky to remove from photographs


TouchRetouch” is simple to use, even for beginners. The software is well-known for producing amazing Instagram images. Furthermore, the program is famous for its user-friendly interface, which adds a great mood to your editing experience. TouchRetouch enables you to do more complicated jobs. This object removal program comes with four tools: Object Removal, Quick Repair, Line Removal, and Clone Stamp.

Pros Cons
  • User-friendly
  • Professional-looking outcomes
  • Horizontal/vertical flipping
  • An extensive collection of object removal tools for eliminating watermarks, persons, date stamps, power lines, and other unwanted items
  • option for naturally integrating the background
  • Does not include a retouching function

Youcam Perfect

Youcam Perfect is a convenient tool for removing objects from images, with extensive retouching capabilities that allow you to improve your photos with a single click. Youcam Perfect satisfies all of your demands, from altering the brightness of your images to enhancing them and applying effects.
Pros Cons
  • Easy-to-use
  • Excellent AI technology for item removal
  • Fully functional, all-in-one picture editor
  • The features available in the free edition are limited
  • Not suitable for experts

Clip Studio Paint

You can eliminate undesired items from an image or animation with Clip Studio Paint. You must paste or paint in a portion of the backdrop from another picture such that it fits exactly with the original shot. You may delete an item using the Object sub-tool.
Pros Cons
  • Auto-AI colorizer
  • Supports PSD files
  • Changing and shifting vectors is simple
  • Includes customized brushes
  • Immense interface
  • Too many options

inPixio Remove Background

You can instantly alter the backdrop or remove any distracting objects by using inPixio Remove Background. It is the best app for removing items from real estate photos by applying AI-based techniques. With the “inPixio Remove” tool, it is also possible to manually eliminate objects.
Pros Cons
  • User-friendly
  • Automatically removing the background
  • limited graphic templates
  • Difficult to use for some photos

Clean UP Pictures

Cleanup allows you to quickly remove any items from photos. You can also use a brush to erase a watermark from a photograph. Cleanup Pictures Pro allows users to bring in and send out pictures of any resolution.
Pros Cons
  • Accurate brush
  • Slider-based modifications
  • Background and item removal capability
  • Rapid background fill
  • The lack of batch processing

Remove Object

You can give your photos a more polished appearance and hide unwanted elements with this free app. You must utilize the Selection and Clone tools to obtain the desired outcome. The former will allow you to choose and eliminate a specific picture area. Using the Clone tool, you may duplicate a specific portion of a photograph and place it over the troubled area.
Pros Cons
  • User-friendly
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Undo/redo abilities
  • The output quality is low


Fotor is an all-in-one picture editor for eliminating objects that work on mobile, PC, and the web. It has various picture editing functions, such as design and collage tools and photo-enhancing tools.
Pros Cons
  • Includes the Object Remover tool for eliminating watermarks, imperfections, and other objects
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent AI for item removal
  • The web-based version has a handy object-removal feature to improve your images
  • Not suitable for experts


PicsArt is a complete application that helps you to achieve all of your artistic goals. You must utilize the Tools panel to eliminate unwanted items from your real estate photos. There are various methods for removing a part of a picture or a specific item. Crop, Free Crop, and Shape Crop are all choices.
Pros Cons
  • Creative effects
  • Capability to erase the backdrop rapidly
  • Simple to use
  • It requires a great deal of space when installed on a mobile device


In this article, we mentioned the best apps for removing items from real estate photos. The process of removing clutter is easier than most people realize. If you use the best app for removing items from real estate photos, it will be much simpler to eliminate undesired objects. You can remove unwanted things with one click and no technical skills.


Select the Object Selection tool from the toolbar and then crop the unwanted part of the image. Then choose Edit > Content-Aware Fill, which will automatically eliminate the unwanted elements and fill in the gaps in the picture.
The patch is one of the essential Photoshop tools for removing watermarks. It can eliminate anything from your images, such as watermarks or imperfections. With the help of pixels from another region or pattern, you can patch up a chosen area with the Patch tool.

Some applications, such as Youcam Perfect and Fotor, eliminate undesired items without removing the backdrop. Anything that detracts from the beauty of your photographs can be swiftly edited out by using these apps.

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