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Which Items Must Be Removed from Real Estate Photos

by Tan Tason
best apps for removing items from real estate photos

Today’s prospective buyers often search for a new home by exploring online listings, and the photographs they see could significantly impact their decision to schedule a viewing. Therefore, high-quality real estate photography can make all the difference when selling a house. One of the essential approaches in property photography is item removal, which helps photographers eliminate unwanted objects and make their work appealing. These items can be distracting, unappealing, or even off-putting to potential buyers and can detract from the overall presentation of your property.

This blog will examine which elements should and shouldn’t be deleted from real estate images. So, whether you’re a real estate agent or a homeowner trying to sell your house, keep reading to find out how to display your home in the best way possible. Long story short, these items must be removed from real estate photos.

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Items Must Be Removed from Real Estate Photos

Removing certain items from real estate photographs can create a clean and neutral canvas that enables potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space, ultimately resulting in a quicker sale at a higher selling price. Some of the items must be removed from real estate photos, including:

Photos of family or pets

Personal photos of family or pets and artworks can make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space. They may also detract from the atmosphere and make it difficult to focus. It’s essential to remove any personal belongings specific to the current owner.

pet photo remove from image before pet photo remove from image after

Personal décor

Personal decor, such as religious or political artifacts, should be removed to create a neutral space appealing to a broader range of buyers. Even if these items hold sentimental value to the current owner, they may be viewed differently by potential buyers and can detract from the property’s overall appeal.

remove buddha from photo remove buddha from photo


Countertops, floors, and tables should be cleared of clutter, such as appliances or utensils, and personal items, such as books or magazines, to create a clean and spacious feel. Too much clutter can make a space appear smaller and less inviting.

Garbage cans

Garbage cans should be removed from view, as they can be unsightly and detract from the property’s overall appeal.

remove garbage can from photo before remove garbage can from photo after

Utility boxes

Utility boxes are another unsightly feature that should be removed from pictures as they create a distraction and an unappealing view for potential buyers.

remove post box from photo remove post box from photo

Messy yards

The property’s exterior must be in excellent condition, as it is the first thing prospective buyers will see. An untidy yard with overgrown grass or weeds can be a major turn-off. Remove undesired objects from the yard to maximize the property’s visual appeal.

Small rugs and mats

Small rugs and mats can be tricky regarding real estate photography. While they can add color and texture to a room, they can also make a space appear cluttered and petite. If the rug or mat is in good condition and adds to the room’s overall appeal, it can be left in the photo. However, if the carpet or mat is worn or doesn’t match the room’s decor, it should be removed to create a clean and inviting space.

remove carpet from photo before remove carpet from photo after

Pets and pet items

While pets are beloved members of many families, they can be a distraction in real estate photos. Additionally, some people may have allergies or aversions to certain types of pets, so removing pets and pet items such as pet beds, food bowls, and toys from real estate images is essential. It helps you to create a neutral and inviting space for potential buyers.

remove pet from photo remove pet from photo

Pool cleaners

Pool cleaners, such as vacuum hoses and nets, should be removed from real estate photos to create a clean environment. Additionally, to attract buyers ensure the pool area is clean and debris-free.

Seasonal décor

Seasonal decorations like holiday decorations and seasonal wreaths should be removed from real estate photos unless the property is marketed as a holiday home or vacation rental.

remove Christmas tree from photo before remove Christmas tree from photo after


Remove Vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, to create a clean and unobstructed view of the property. In addition, having a car or motorcycle in the image can give the impression that the property lacks sufficient parking.


Remove appliances such as toasters, blenders, and other small appliances from real estate photos to make an uncluttered space. These objects can create visual distractions in photographs. Additionally, larger appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens, should be clean and clutter-free to create an inviting and functional kitchen space.

Different light bulbs

Different light bulbs can create an unappealing appearance in the photos. Item removal and image enhancement services help you make the space looks better by replacing burnt-out bulbs with bulbs of the same color temperature and wattage.

Messy bedding

Unmade beds or messy bedding can make the space look unkempt and uninviting. Neatly arranged bedding can create a sense of comfort and relaxation in the bedroom and add to the property’s overall appeal.

Bold color

Loud colors in real estate photos should be minimized or removed to create a neutral and appealing space. Bright and bold colors can be distracting and may appeal to only some potential buyers. The space can look more spacious, open, and inviting by reducing the use of bold colors in the decor and furnishings. Neutral beige, grey, or white colors create a timeless look.

Benefits of Item Removal (Removing Items)

Reduces distractions

Removing items from real estate photos reduces distractions and allows potential buyers to focus on the property’s key features. Clutter, personal belongings, and bright colors can all be distracting and take away from the beauty and functionality of the space.

Creates a neutral canvas

Creating a neutral canvas is crucial because it allows potential buyers to imagine their belongings in the space. Neutral colors and decor make a timeless and classic look that appeals to a broader range of buyers and can help to increase the chances of a successful sale.

Helps buyers envision themselves in the space

Buyers can more easily imagine living in the home by creating an environment free of personal belongings and clutter. It helps them picture their furniture and decor, creating a greater emotional connection with the property and increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

How to Remove Unwanted Items from Real Estate Photos?

Other than the traditional time-consuming methods such as using Photoshop, which also requires technical knowledge, you can remove unnecessary items by outsourcing and using different services, you can remove unnecessary items from your pictures and make them stunning and appealing. Some helpful services include:

Virtual staging

Virtual staging is a helpful service for removing unwanted items and replacing them with stylish furniture and décor of various styles and designs. This can be helpful in situations where the current furnishings do not match the desired aesthetic or may need to be updated. Virtual staging can give potential buyers a better sense of how the space can look with different furniture, helping them visualize themselves living in the home.

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Item removal

Item removal service is a professional service that specializes in removing specific items from real estate photos. This service can help enhance a property’s appeal by removing distracting or unappealing items.

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Image enhancement

Image enhancement and day-to-dusk services remove cluttered items from real estate photos. Day-to-dusk services can remove the sky in your photos and add a beautiful twilight view to real estate photos, enhancing their visual appeal.

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Items That Must Not Be Removed From Real Estate Photos

When using item removal services, it’s important to remember which items must not be removed from real estate photos.

  • Structural elements such as windows, doors, and staircases
  • Built-in features such as fireplaces or cabinetry
  • Cracks and moisture on the walls
  • Items that would leave behind apparent gaps or holes in the photo
  • Any other items that provide important context or perspective of the property


It’s crucial to carefully determine what should be included and eliminated when editing images for real estate marketing.

The items must be removed from real estate photos, including personal belongings, clutter, pet-related items, and unappealing views. By choosing the best item removal services and displaying the property most appealingly, you can improve the chances of drawing attention and finally selling it at the best price. Therefore, remember to remove these objects to ensure your photos showcase the property’s features and potential.


If you don’t have the time to remove objects from real estate images, use a professional photographer or a photo editing company.  Generally, photo editing services retouch and remove any unwanted items from the photos to make them more appealing to potential buyers.  Alternatively, you can use photo editing software to make the necessary edits, although this may require some learning and practice.

To know if the photos effectively attract potential buyers, you can look for signs of engagement and interest from viewers. You can also use metrics such as the number of views, inquiries, and showings the property receives and feedback from potential buyers and their agents. Additionally, you can compare your listing’s performance to similar properties in the area to see if your photos are helping your property stand out. Remember, the effectiveness of your photos will depend on various factors, including the property’s features, location, and price, as well as the quality and presentation of the images.

Many different photo editing software options are available, from basic free software to more advanced paid options. Some popular options include Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and GIMP.

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