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Blog » Editing » How Twilight Real Estate Photos Can Help Sell Homes Faster?

How Twilight Real Estate Photos Can Help Sell Homes Faster?

by Tan Tason
twilight photos help sell homes faster

Photography is crucial for selling a house online since it may affect both the final sales price and the time property spends on the market. Sunset is one of those times when everything, even your house, appears just stunning. According to statistics, most properties may benefit from a dusk real estate picture session, and twilight photos help homes sell faster.

During this golden time, the brightness of the home’s lights, the lack of shadows cast by the sunlight, and a breathtaking sunset combine to produce an aesthetically pleasing scene. Twilight property photography performs better at attracting potential buyers, increasing click-throughs to the listing, and resulting in more inquiries. This article will look at the influence of twilight images on real estate sales.

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The Effect of Virtual Twilight Photos on Home Sales

It might be challenging to get the perfect shot of your house as the sun sets since the light is fading quickly. There’s another technique that real estate photographers can employ to create stunning twilight real estate shots and take pictures of the sky exploding with blue, orange, and lavender tones.

Virtual twilight is a digitally changed daylight photograph that seems to have been shot at dusk. It is created in post-production using Photoshop or another virtualization program to emulate the beauty of sunset light. Twilight photography evokes emotions and connects with customers; the final effect has the same impact as if the sun is truly setting.

Virtual twilight images are dramatic and beautiful, enabling you to present your home at its best without the hassle of shooting it in an uncontrolled situation. Twilight real estate photography not only lets agents show off their properties in a fresh, novel light but also captures shadows the way they would in real life. This lets homebuyers see the property’s surroundings at sunset, giving them an authentic image of the house before dusk.

Whereas virtual staging highlights the internal characteristics of the property, twilight real estate photographs draw the viewer in by illuminating the outside of the house with warm light. This is especially helpful for properties with a lot of outside window reflections.

The use of virtual twilight photography is not limited to high-end real estate or particularly attractive properties. Virtual twilight can offer a polished aesthetic, boost curb appeal, and raise buyer interest in almost any house that requires exterior upgrades. You may select from your best daylight outside shots of the house to generate stunning twilight real estate images without the hassle or cost of another photo shoot.

Advantages of Twilight Real Estate Photos

Twilight photos help sell homes faster because they highlight the apparent beauty of the property, pique the viewer’s interest and increase the click rate on your listing. You need to take pictures of the house from morning to afternoon when there is enough natural light streaming through the many windows. Then, in post-production, you can modify the daylight photographs captured by real estate photographers to make faultless twilight real estate shots.

The benefits of twilight real estate photos include:

Create a luxurious vibe

Sunsets are beautiful times to take photos of your property since the golden hour light makes everything seem and feel more luxurious, which may result in a higher selling price.

Display special features

Photos shot at twilight highlight distinctive characteristics. The nighttime illumination of the pool, hot tub, and waterfall, as well as the landscape lighting and security lights, are easy to ignore in daylight photographs but much more straightforward to appreciate at night.

Twilight photos help sell homes faster

According to research, properties with professional photographs remain on the market for fewer days and often sell for more than the asking price. Homes that look fantastic in photos and print will attract more buyers.

before sky replacement after sky replacement

How Does Virtual Twilight Photography Work?

Virtual twilight photography is at its peak when the main picture of a real estate listing displays the property at dusk in a dramatic way. The features of virtual twilight photography are listed below:
  • The sky will seem like it would during a real sunset, with vivid hues filling your virtual environment.
  • The outside of your house and its surroundings will look stunning in the best light possible.
  • The rich purple or blue sky contrasts nicely with the home’s illuminated windows.
  • The sun looks to be sinking beyond the horizon, casting a warm glow through the windows of the house and evoking awe and amazement.
  • Virtual twilight photography can help you save time and significantly improve your real estate marketing efforts.


Twilight photos are compelling because they generate an emotional reaction from buyers. While anybody may see a property during the day, Twilight photos provide a more personal glimpse inside. In virtual twilight real estate photography, the daylight images captured by the real estate photographer are rendered to simulate the home’s appearance at sunset. Even if some post-production is needed, twilight real estate photographs reinvent the actual world.


The twilight real estate photographer takes pictures during the day and then manipulates them to seem like they were taken at night. As a result, twilight real estate photographs replicate the genuine scene.

You should turn on all interior and exterior lights, eliminate too bright lighting, use a tripod and a high-quality camera, set the ISO to a low value, and shoot in raw format.

Virtual twilight editing services are an excellent offering for Realtors seeking a competitive advantage in marketing their listings on a limited budget. This service is cheaper than traditional twilight photography since photographers shoot outside images during the day and edit them to seem like dusk. It’s in line with what prospective buyers are looking for; therefore, it drives more interest in the house.

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