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Blog » Marketing » Fly High with Realtor Flyers: Powerful Tools for Effective Property Promotion

Fly High with Realtor Flyers: Powerful Tools for Effective Property Promotion

by Tan Tason
realtor flyers

To stand out from the crowd, a realtor must adopt the best marketing strategies to grow their business. You are probably thinking about email, content, and social marketing, but those are not the only marketing tools realtors should focus on.

Many realtors and agents have forgotten or never realized how useful realtor flyers are. They are practical, engaging, and absolutely affordable, and if you use them regularly, you’re gonna spread your name over the town in no time. You can print and send them out to those living around you or share them with your social media contacts.  Let’s learn a bit more about realtor flyers.

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Why Should You Utilize Realtor Flyers?

To start, I can argue that realtor flyers help you target a bigger community. You can’t expect everyone to be madly in love with the digital world and Google everything they need. Some people just don’t. How are you gonna present yourself and your business to them? There are certainly folks among these people who need a good realtor to buy, rent, or sell a property nearby.

For these people, realtor flyers are the best choice. They get it in print and for free, and knowing that sooner or later they’re gonna need a guy like you, they’d probably keep it for a rainy day.

But is this the only benefit of realtor flyers? Absolutely not.

Realtor flyers are amazingly eye-catching

Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder and more so in the digital age when there is always a way to beautify things. Using a good graphic design tool, you can easily give a shiny, enticing look to the house you’re committed to selling and, therefore, attract more than a few buyers to the spot.

Realtor flyers are thorough and fast to read

On a single flyer, you can include any specifics that matter to the buyers, and yet it wouldn’t take them more than a minute to read all of those details. Those looking for a new property are more than willing to gamble that one minute to find a good deal.

Realtor flyers boost your brand awareness

Yet, another great advantage of realtor flyers is that they’re highly practical when it comes to boosting your brand awareness. Seeing your flyer around all the time, everyone will, sooner or later, take a look and remember a thing or two about you.

Believe me; this is all you want from your marketing efforts. Letting others know who you are and what you do is the first and final step in getting them to reach out to you one day.

It won’t take long before everyone passing coffee shops, gyms, banks, churches, and schools learn and remember that a realtor in the neighborhood provides the best real estate services.

How to Create a Real Estate Flyer

You’d better use a real estate flyer template to seem like a true professional. A good source for finding excellent real estate flyer templates is Canva. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates available that you can choose from.

After coming up with a suitable template, you should customize it by changing the font, color, pics, and inscriptions.
When you finish the design, you can save the file in your preferred format and print it. You can also upload it on your social media profiles.

What Types of Realtor Flyer Templates Can You Create?

As you might have already guessed, there are various types of flyer templates that realtors can use for specific purposes.

Below, you can learn about these flyers and the particular purpose they each serve. Remember, you can share these flyers with your contacts through social media or send a hard copy to each house in your area.

“Property snapshot” flyer template

A snapshot flyer contains information such as active listings in the area, recently added listings, cost per squire, etc. As a realtor, you can add your name and logo to this template, get 200-300 copies, and send one to anybody near you looking for a property deal.

property snapshots flyer template

“For rent” flyer template

For the smart agent, rentals offer as much opportunity as sales. True, commissions are not as high, but there are considerably more deals.

A “for rent” flyer template lists properties available for renting. By distributing this template in your whereabouts, those looking for rental houses will likely call you and ask for help.

for rent flyer template

“Coming soon” real estate flyer template

A perfect tool to evoke potential buyers’ curiosity. Before listing a property, you can use a “coming soon” real estate flyer template to inform potential buyers that there will be a new listing in the near future.

You don’t even need to include all details in a “coming soon flyer.” a photo of the property and your contact info will suffice.

Coming soon flyer template

“Just listed” real estate flyer template

Another type of flyer template that can bring you early leads is the “just listed” real estate flyer template.

As the name suggests, this type of flyer template details recently listed properties that many dealers and tenants will be interested to know about.

just listed flyer template

“Just sold” real estate flyer template

A flyer template that adds to your credit in the market. You can distribute a “just sold” real estate flyer template after a deal.

Your purpose? To let others know that you can be their ideal agent who knows his way around the table and does what he’s committed to.

just sold flyer template

Open house flyer template

For unique houses, you can use open house flyer templates to sell them for the highest price. Open House Flyer Templates are like invitations sent out to potential buyers asking them to visit the house and make their offers.

Open house flyer template

What Should You Include in a Realtor Flyer

Your name and contact info, along with some pictures of the house, are what you should include in every type of flyer template. As for other details, it really depends on the type of flyer template you intend to use.

Regarding your personal information, you should include your:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Personal/company logo
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media info

Remember to put your name at the top of the flyer so that everyone notices it first.

There are two essential points you must keep in mind all the time. First and foremost, your photo must convey that you are a confident realtor everyone can trust. Second, the house you’re selling must look fascinating.

To ensure that the recipients will love the pictures and visit the house, we strongly suggest you try Revivoto’s photo editing services. Our services are unmatched when it comes to quality, price, and delivery time.

Final Thoughts

The only excuse for not trying realtor flyers is to confess that you don’t care much about leaving a good first impression or getting more clients. Realtor flyers are available in different types and serve various purposes. Consider using them along with your other marketing strategies, and you’ll soon realize how practical and helpful they are.


No. You can do it on your own. Just remember to choose the right flyer template. You can remove each part and then add your desired text, pic, etc.
No. As a realtor hired to sell a property, you are free to include pictures of that property in the flyer. But when another person buys the property, you should either ask for their permission to continue using the same flyer (for other purposes) or remove the address or additional information related to the property.
You can use certain flyer templates for free, and you only need to pay for printing them. There are also professional flyer templates that you need to buy. The price varies depending on the type of template, but they’re not that costly.  All in all, using flyer templates is gonna cost you some money, but they will definitely pay off.

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