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29 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas That You Need to Know About

by Tan Tason
creative real estate marketing ideas

To be successful in the real estate market, you’ll need a lot of drive, determination, optimism, and a well-thought-out marketing strategy. To be the most effective, real estate brokers must be able to identify the most probable homebuyers and then tailor their marketing efforts to suit both the buyer and the seller markets. Creative real estate marketing ideas will help you hit the market and compete with others.

Remember that real estate marketing is always evolving. The most successful real estate agents in the digital era rely on effective online marketing to attract new homebuyers. So in order to make money as a real estate agent, you must have an attractive and functional website.

All of your online and social media efforts, SEO, mail marketing, and advertising have the ability to distinguish you from the competition. We have created a list of the top 10 real estate marketing ideas used by the most successful agents. Any realtor, no matter how experienced, may benefit from these marketing suggestions, regardless of where they’re starting from or where they want to expand their client base.

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Innovative Methods To Improve Real Estate Marketing

in the following, you’ll be given several creative real estate marketing ideas:

Create a website

According to statistics, the majority of homebuyers begin their search for a new house online. Therefore, you must expand your internet efforts. As the first step, design a credible website. Then, to make your website responsive and display your property listings, brand, and expertise, use tools such as brand messaging and imagery, IDX integration, responsive design, and lead capture landing pages. Let’s look at how to integrate your website with cutting-edge real estate marketing strategies to produce fresh leads and house sales.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Your online browsing should be as easy as possible. When potential customers want to learn more about your company, they shouldn’t have to navigate a cumbersome desktop squeezed into a phone screen mobile site.

Create a real estate website


Create marketing email campaigns

You may send a monthly email compilation of your blog material to contacts and inform them of newly listed properties. Additionally, you should include images that correspond to the complete description, a video tour of the home, or a virtual staging of the property.

Create marketing email campaigns


Use virtual staging

If you have an empty property to sell, investing time and money in virtual staging is a terrific method to attract interest and show buyers what the property may look like presented in a different style. According to research, 85 percent of staged houses sold for 6-25 % more than empty properties. Utilize virtual staging to attract the attention of potential buyers and provide a sneak preview of the home.

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Take aerial shots using a drone

Use a drone to get breathtaking aerial photos of the house and the surrounding area. These images can increase the appeal of your listings. Videos can also be used as an addition to virtual tours or walkthroughs to highlight outside aspects.

Take aerial shots using a drone

Create a blog

Launch a blog and produce SEO-optimized articles. This guarantees that your posts will always appear in the search results of potential customers. Also, remember to produce engaging photos for your postings. Google Analytics and Ahrefs are two excellent tools for identifying the search terms and keywords used by your target audience, which can then serve as a springboard for new article ideas. Facilitate access to your primary site and profile pages on various real estate portals so that interested clients may get additional information about you and your company.

Respond to customer inquiries on your blog

Identifying questions your target audience asks is an efficient method for generating blog post ideas. There are several free apps that allow you to create a list of questions based on your keyword search. Your website contents should depend on these queries.

Create an explanation video

Create an explanation film that elaborates on your agent. With real estate explainer videos, you can distinguish yourself from other competitors in your area. In these videos, explain why you are the right person for the job. Also, provide the information that people must know about your brand.

Request referrals

The vast majority of people who work with a real estate agent do so after hearing positive things from friends and relatives. It is advisable to contact customers a few months after they have moved into their new house to inquire about their satisfaction and to ask for referrals.

Gather and showcase testimonials

Customers who have been pleased with your service in the past might help you establish credibility and trust in your real estate marketing efforts. If a deal is successful, follow up with the customer you assisted and get a paragraph-long testimonial describing how helpful you were. Put this information on your website, with the client’s consent, so that prospects may have a true picture of how successfully you’ve previously treated individuals in their situation.

Consider using experiential marketing

Through experiential marketing, you can attract the attention of potential customers and get them involved with your brand in an authentic situation. To attract buyers, you may host an open house, a tour of the region, or a workshop on the home-buying process for people in the area.

Employ traditional marketing methods

A real estate marketing effort might still benefit from using specific tried-and-true methods from the past. Advertisements in newspapers and on billboards, for example, have been shown to significantly increase the success of real estate brokers’ marketing campaigns.

Make impressive and eye-catching business cards

Business cards are timeless. There will always be face-to-face encounters with buyers, sellers, and other industry experts; thus, it is essential to have your information on hand. Note that a dull card that includes your company name and contact data in the tiniest, plainest font won’t be remembered, so try to be unique.

Make impressive and eye-catching business cards


Cooperate with nearby companies

Promote your listings and have an open house by teaming up with local businesses like cafes, clothes stores, and home furnishings showrooms. Set up pop-up stores in various house rooms as a creative method to entice potential buyers to come to your open house. This makes it more appealing for prospective buyers to go around every area of the house, and it also gives you a chance to negotiate discounts with nearby stores.

Co-organize a webinar

Collaborate with a mortgage broker, insurance business, or even your preferred staging agency to conduct a webinar on a subject of interest to individuals considering a real estate sale or buy.

Create video walkthroughs

Homebuyers today place a premium on immersive experiences, especially when it comes to researching future purchases, such as a home. If you’re trying to promote a home for sale or rent, include video tours of the property in your listing descriptions.

Innovative Methods To Improve Real Estate Marketing

Make an account on Zillow

Zillow allows you to expose your company to thousands of potential customers. Your Zillow profile enables you to interact with possible clients and share your listings with a broad audience, boosting the possibility of making a sale.

Make an account on Zillow

Use social media

Having an active and engaging social media presence is a great way to promote yourself as a trusted realtor, attract new clients, and improve existing connections. You can provide your followers with useful content or participate in regional Facebook groups and respond to queries. Use other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to stay in touch.

Make use of Instagram stories

Getting your followers to interact with you is essential if you want to grow your Instagram or other social media business. Instagram Stories provide a technique for creating interaction and establishing brand awareness. Additionally, running a giveaway or contest and hosting Q&A sessions are the most effective methods to connect with clients.

Invest in Instagram advertising

With Instagram advertisements, you can tailor your campaign to a certain demographic, set a budget, and choose between several post formats (photo, video, and carousel). Also, using specific hashtags can direct your content to the audiences you want to reach.

Invest in Instagram advertising


Post tips for buyers and sellers on your website

You can supply informative articles on the most particular issues, such as homeownership, house buying, and home selling. Also, include content about mortgages and tax advice. These subjects are quite beneficial and will help you acquire more clients.

Use Swag as a marketing tool

Everyone enjoys a freebie. Visitors will be enticed to attend your open house by receiving gift bags, including promotional items like key chains, mugs, magnets, pencils, note pads, tote bags, and t-shirts. Remember to include your company logo on these gifts.

Send a regular newsletter through email

Newsletters are a great strategy for keeping in contact with prospective customers. Send them up-to-date articles and reports about local real estate listings and market trends.

Tips for writing a real estate marketing plan

In the real estate industry, it is easier to determine success by establishing a set of defined objectives for both the business and the marketing plan. Before you launch your marketing strategy, think about the following.

Develop a statement of your goals

Create a vision statement that lays forth your long-term objectives. This facilitates the development of a plan for achieving your goals.

Determine your target audience

You can better direct your marketing efforts toward the right people by creating buyer personas for them.

Define your goals

Determine what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts, and briefly describe the approaches you plan to use.

Find your niche in the market

Determine what sets you apart from the competitors. What do you have to offer that no one else does? What are the most recent trends in your industry? How can you provide value to potential customers with your one-of-a-kind strategy or character? As you create your proposition, consider these questions.

Choose the appropriate tools and financial plan

Determine which advertising strategies will provide the best results for your company and desired target market. Then figure out your budget for each strategy.

Evaluate results

After deciding on a strategy for promoting your company, it is essential to document the metrics you will use to evaluate its efficacy. Fix an endpoint and a timeline for your plan of action.


In this article, we mentioned several creative real estate marketing ideas. Prospective customers will be impressed and more likely to utilize your services if you employ these marketing ideas. Also, a marketing strategy can assist you in setting objectives for your marketing campaigns and developing measures to achieve these goals. There are a variety of technical and creative services available if you’re having trouble with your website design, content creation, graphic design, or SEO. Keep in mind that a basic understanding of real estate marketing is an important “must” for anybody in the industry.


You won’t need a marketer to do basic real estate tasks such as taking a video of a property. Suppose you need help with website design, content production, graphic design, search engine optimization, or any other technical or creative activity that’s outside your skill set. In that case, you may want to bring in outside expertise.
Some effective real estate marketing strategies include creating a website and using social media, identifying your target market, encouraging referrals and word-of-mouth, publishing a real estate newsletter, and building brand recognition.
You must examine company goals, determine what sets you apart on the market, determine how you will reach your target audience, and choose the suitable tools and financial strategy.

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