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5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Real Estate in 2023

by Tan Tason
best photo editing app for real estate

The real estate market requires high-quality photographs. Real estate listings with stunning photos tend to sell more quickly and for a greater price. Captivating photographs of a home or property, inside or outside, gives your company a feeling of expertise and authenticity and enables you to sell your business on social media more effectively. In this blog, we will examine 5 of the best photo editing apps for real estate to help you do exactly that.

Many real estate agents are time-and-budget-constrained and must be able to provide high-quality photographs quickly and economically for their listings. Fortunately, several apps are available to assist you in making your real estate images stand out. This article has compiled a list of the top 5 photo editing apps for real estate pictures. But let’s start by checking the necessity of real estate photo editing and clarifying its domain while reviewing the options you have at your disposal for editing.

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Benefits of Real Estate Photo Editing

Prospective homebuyers may check the information provided by the agent often, but they always check the listing images. Photos you provide for the online browsers are the visual foundation. They must hook the buyer enough to schedule a showing.

While it is essential to take pictures on the professional level, due to the nature of real estate photography, editing has become an indispensable buddy:

Eliminates flaws

Even the most excellent photographs require editing, considering lighting settings, ambient circumstances, and the camera’s technical limits.

You may use photo editing software to remove undesired items, improve white balance, restore colors, remove noise, and accurately align horizontal and vertical lines, among other things.

Improves the sale of the property

Each property has distinguished characteristics that make it stand out in the market. Showcasing these qualities happens by improving the photograph to emphasize these fabulous features.

Emphasizes details

Details are critical in the real estate market. They may make or break a deal. Editing allows these intricate details to pop and show the property’s uniqueness.

Boosts your business

Professional real estate photography editing is about presenting stunning photographs that increase the probability of a sale. When you send properly edited, high-quality images, you leave a lasting impression on your customers, allowing you to grow professionally.

Ensures trustworthiness

One of the most significant benefits of real estate photo editing is gaining consumers’ trust. Clients will quickly develop confidence in realtors if high-quality photographs of houses are shown.

What Does Real Estate Photo Editing Entail?

Photo editing has been a companion of photography for decades. Today there are various types and levels of editing in each field of photography. Regarding real estate photography, considering the final goal of “inviting the homebuyers in,” editing has a vast meaning. Many alterations are included in real estate photo editing, from adjusting minor blemishes to adding a complete furniture set.

Putting them in a category, we’ll have three types of editing: adjusting to raise the quality of the taken image and removing and adding items to have listing photos that pave the way for visualization. Let’s check these three classes of editing out:


All the alterations to your photos that only balance the quality fall under this category. The following are the main features of adjusting a real estate image:

Exposure correction

Real estate photography deals with different interior and exterior lighting types. Adjusting the camera settings may not be enough to capture a balanced exposure.

Exposure correction


Color adjustment

Bringing colors to life by correcting their tone can turn a dull image into an eye-catching picture that entices homebuyers.

color adjustment


Straitening the Lines

It is likely to capture distortion while shooting real estate, especially when using wide-angle lenses. Apart from avoiding techniques, fixing the lines’ alignment happens in post-production.

Noise reduction

Having a blurry photo for listing is worse than having none. One can reduce the noise through the editing process.

Noise reduction


HDR processing

Due to the lighting challenges of real estate photography, using HDR bracketing is very popular with real estate photographers. With most digital cameras, the processing part where the photos with different exposures are merged happens in post-production.

HDR processing



This part of the editing process deals with things that weren’t supposed to be in your shot but were captured inevitably, including:


Light, your constant partner in real estate photography, has an evil twin called the shadow. No matter how much you take lighting into your hand and make do with ambient light and flashes, shadows are cast and ruin your shots. It is only with editing that you can eliminate them thoroughly.

bafore Shadow Removal after Shadow Removal

Unwanted objects

From personal items to an ugly couch and blown-out leaves, various items act as an eye-sour in your shot and must be removed. It is best not to have them in the frame, but real estate photographers must change what they can and work around what they can’t. Editing is the time to deal with these objects.

before item removal after item removal

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Realtors want listing images to be welcoming and inviting, especially with the hero shot; you want them to act as a hook. The Primary image has to stop scrolling and generate a click on the ad. That is why a portion of real estate image editing includes adding items or features like:


You don’t have control over the weather on the shooting day. Yet you know how pleasing it would be to have a blue sky or a twilight over your outdoor shots. Replacing the sky is an essential editing feature for real estate photos.

before sky replacement after sky replacement

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It is always recommended to shoot while all the house’s lights are on since it generates a homey sensation and provides you with ambient light. But due to glare or shadows, you may have to turn them off. Editing allows you to turn them back on virtually.

before turning lights after turning lights on


If there is a fireplace at the property, having it lit adds to the house’s charm. Nevertheless, the circumstances may not allow you to take pictures when they’re lit. You can add flames later to convey the sensation.

before Add Fire to Fire place after Add Fire to Fire place

The image on TV or monitor

If your angle brings out the screens, and that empty black mass is staring everyone in the eyes, you can overlay a decent picture on them.
before TV screen Replacement after TV screen Replacement

Window masking

A well-lit room with glorious natural light is a gift, but often capturing it results in missing the view. If you had to compromise the sight of a room, you could add it while editing.

Virtual staging

The well-established advantages of staged properties have turned virtual staging into a “must-have” editing feature. Especially when you have a vacant listing, adding furnishing and decorations is necessary to assist homebuyers with the visualization process.

virtual staging

Alternative to Editing Software

Online photo editing services provide most or all of the above on their websites. Generally, their turnaround is faster compared to DIY editing due to their experience and technology. Here, at Revivoto, we offer all the above editing features with unbeatable prices, superb quality, and under 24 hours through four distinguished services:

Image Enhancement

Revivoto’s image enhancement service will enable you to increase the overall quality of your listing, starting from $0.95. we offer alterations on three levels: Light and Color Adjustments, Geometrical Alignment, and Remove or Add.

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Item Removal

You can remove one or a couple of items or clear the whole room out. Our prices for item removal start at $2.99.

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Virtual Staging

With virtual staging service, you are entirely in control. You can choose from various designs based on the room or preferred style. Or you can browse through our vast catalogs and pick your favorite with our prices beginning at $18.99.

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Day to Dusk

With most Hero or Prime photos being outdoor shots, this service creates limitless skies for you to charm homebuyers and bring them in. This mesmerizing image is available for you with its price starting from $3.99.

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Revivoto is enabled to offer lower prices compared to others because we can process more images in less time and deliver photos faster than any other company thanks to our experienced team of professionals along with sophisticated proprietary technology.

Other renowned service providers are:

BoxBrownie: A real estate photo editing company based in Australia, offering its services through experts in photo editing. They provide various services dedicated to the real estate market. The pricing differs for each service. For instance, image enhancement starts at $1.40 per photo, item removal ranges between $3.50 and $ 7.00, and virtual staging begins at $21.00.

PhotoUp: This company is also focused on the real estate market, based in the USA. They offer to edit services along with other related options for real estate agents. To use its services, one needs to sign up and choose a membership plan that works based on a credit system.

Fix The Photo: This company started with simple portrait photo editing and today offers editing services for photos and videos in various fields of photography, real estate being one of them. Since the company works with different areas, they do not have fixed pricing; it starts with the standard level at $1.50.

Professional real estate photographers and agents who shoot their listings can easily take advantage of these services. This way, they save time and money while not compromising the quality of their listing images.

However, if you insist on doing the editing yourself, here are the suggested photo editing apps. Keep in mind that there are limits to these applications, and you may have to switch between them to get the optimal result.

Best Photo Editing App for Real Estate

The process of editing photographs is an essential part of real estate photography. As a result, the competence and quality of your editing service are really important. Real estate photo editing assists you in addressing issues such as straightening lines, changing colors, correcting exposure levels, as well as cropping and resizing images. Photo editing has almost limitless uses, such as deleting undesired items and replacing the overcast sky with blue ones. Let’s have a look at the best photo editing applications for real estate brokers.

Luminar AI

There’s a Photoshop-Instagram hybrid in the Skylum Luminar AI software. This application includes various functions for adjusting picture brightness, background, and colors, allowing expert photographers and realtors to obtain amazing outcomes. Luminar AI is an artificial intelligence-based photo editing software, and in addition to being simpler to use than Adobe Photoshop, is also less expensive. In Luminar AI, the “Sky Replacement” option allows you to replace a monotonous sky with a more interesting one easily. Luminar strongly emphasizes AI effects and templates, automatically assessing your photographs and recommending some amazing styles.



One of the most popular and best photo editing apps for real estate is probably Photoshop. The Adobe Creative Cloud package offers Photoshop as one of its parts. Due to the obvious broad variety of editing tools it provides, Photoshop was designed specifically with photographers in mind. These tools adjust aspects such as brightness, saturation, color, perspective, and many more. However, one of the drawbacks of Photoshop is its intricacy. It requires a lot of practice before one can become proficient with this tool. As a result, realtors who take their own property photographs are unlikely to utilize Photoshop as an editing tool, instead preferring to use a more straightforward application, such as Lightroom. Photoshop has so many features, and you can produce the greatest possible creative product for your customers at the fastest possible speed. In terms of retouching software, Photoshop is by far the most versatile and user-friendly.



Without a doubt, Snapseed is one of the most powerful and best photo editing apps for the real estate industry. Snapseed includes a broad range of editing capabilities that need little skill. It has tools for adjusting picture exposure, color, and sharpness, as well as healing tools, brushes, and selective changes. Additionally, this application allows cropping, rotation, and perspective modifications. Snapseed is simple to use and includes a variety of advanced editing features to enhance your photographs. Furthermore, both Android and iOS users can get it for free. You need this app if you’re a real estate agent who wants to stand out on social media with better listing photographs and a more cohesive brand image.

“” is an automatic picture editing tool that does everything on your behalf. It is trained on hundreds of estate photographs and finds and changes components in the images that conform to the specifications of listed property images. Sky replacement, picture relighting, and perspective correction are some of the features that are included. This artificial intelligence picture editor is perfect for photographers and real estate brokers since its rapid editing speed up operations and creates high-quality upgrades ready to be placed on property websites.


ouchRetouch is an excellent application for deleting undesired features from your real estate photographs. Utilizing this application to eliminate distracting items from your photographs can assist buyers and sellers in feeling less distracted and more able to concentrate on the essential themes. When it comes to deleting things and appropriately substituting them with whatever is in the backdrop, this program performs an exceptional job all around! By TouchRetouch, simply exclude items such as people, lines, and objects from your photographs. TouchRetouch is a mobile photo editing software that focuses only on removing unwanted items from your images. This program is the most effective when it comes to removing objects.


In the real estate industry, your photographs will be the first thing prospective buyers view before visiting a house. So it is essential that your photographs seem appealing on the inside and outside. A skilled real estate photographer can capture stunning images of both the interior and outside settings. However, to catch prospective customers’ eyes, these images will need to be edited. The photographs get personality, vitality, and a sense of life as a result of the real estate photo editing process. To attract more buyers and expedite the selling process, you may utilize several of the best photo editing apps for real estate to get the best and quickest results.


There are multiple online service providers for editing real estate photos. Picking the best depends on three factors: the pricing, the quality, and the provided options. At Revivoto, we have gathered all the necessary editing features in one place with the best pricing while guaranteeing top-notch quality. You can check our services here.
Most Multiple Listings (MLS) websites use the 4.3 ratios for listing images. That is why it is best to finalize listing images in this size.
There are many factors affecting the property’s photos on the shooting day. Knowing these elements and the capability to deal with them make a professional photo editing outcome. Check out our complete guide on real estate photo editing; it’ll give you all the info and tools you need for editing your real estate images like a pro.

Prices range between companies offering real estate photo editing services. Here, at Revivoto, we cover all three aspects of editing with the following pricing:

  • Image Enhancement: Starting from $0.95
  • Item Removal: Starting from $2.99
  • Virtual Staging: Starting from $18.99

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