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How to Elevate Your real estate Photography Website in 2023?

by Tan Tason
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Real Estate Photography Website: Why Have One?

It all boils down to one thing. Creating a bigger community of customers for yourself. We’re well beyond the time when only neighborhood folks knew us and would hopefully buy from us. With the internet on our side, we can now present our work to a much larger community. A real estate photography website is an excellent place where real estate photographers can showcase their photos and do exactly that.

Value consistency in your work

How would a potential customer judge you if he visited your website and saw photos of properties, cars, weddings, and animals there? “He is a photographer,” he would think, “not a real estate photographer!”

Looking for real estate photography websites, potential customers won’t stay long on your website if they see pictures of cars, kittens, or even cute little girls!

My point here is that if you want to be recognized as a real estate photographer, you must only share real estate photos on your website. Or you can create an additional website along with your general portfolio merely for your real estate work.

 photography website design


Make use of real estate photography services

The pictures you share on your website must be perfect. Otherwise, your visitors will judge you as a novice, ordinary photographer with nothing special to offer. To avoid this, share your best work only after you get them edited by a professional real estate photo editing website such as Revivoto.

You need to make a collection of the best photos you’ve taken and showcase them on your website. No matter how beautiful those pictures are, there is always something missing in them, and that’s where we come in. Keeping your photos’ natural mood, we’ll add to their beauty and appeal so visitors love them even more.

Open up about yourself

They’ll hate you if all you talk about is photography. You are a real estate photographer who has feelings and does other stuff as well. Tell them all about yourself: where you live, what made you this, what you appreciate in life, and what your ambitions are.

The more they learn about you, the easier for them to reach out to you.

Remaining a mystery to visitors will only make them avoid you, however, by telling them a little bit about yourself. For example, you could convey that you are, after all, an ordinary guy with down-to-earth concerns who wants to share the thing he does best.

Have an exit popup

The first thing I notice when visiting real estate photography websites is that the owners don’t do the least to connect to visitors. The fact that someone is visiting your website doesn’t mean that they’re gonna be your lifetime pals as well.

Try adding an exit popup to your website. This could function as a link between you and your website’s viewers. Ask them to reach out to you if they want to know about your services or real estate photography in general.

You could tempt visitors here. A nice shiny exit popup with messages such as “ arrange an appointment today and get a 20% discount” or “special discount for Manhattan residents only” would entice many visitors to contact you for a good deal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good real estate photography websites have at least one thing in common. They are all optimized for search engines. As long as search engines don’t rank a website, it will not appear in search results. So, if you want a solid online representation of your work, your website must be optimized for search engines.

Another thing you can do is create a business profile, listing your name, address, and phone number (NAP). This is officially known as Google my business which is an excellent way to gain online visibility and run more traffic to your website.

When creating this profile, remember to provide other essential information, such as your services, office location, and how people can find you on social media.

real estate photography website design


Prove that you are reliable

You’re the best real estate photographer ever, OK?

But, who’s gonna vouch for you? You might think that samples of your previous work will be enough evidence, but you’re wrong.

Apart from a portfolio of your previous projects, you also need to take short videos of your customers talking about the quality of your work. Upload those videos on your website and ask your customers to post them on their social media platforms.

Also, ask them to write Google reviews for you and share their honest opinion about your work. This has two main benefits:
One, it makes people trust you. Two, it helps with your website’s SEO improvement.

You can offer a small discount for customers who do such stuff for you, and you’ll see how eager they will be to collaborate. Within a few months, you will notice that more and more people visit your website and ask for your services.

Remember, the more people mention you and your business, the more credibility you receive from search engines.

Create a source of knowledge for real estate photographers

Never think of your real estate photography website as an exhibition hall where everyone should only see your art and admire your talent. Your website could be the place where you could teach to beginner real estate photographers.

In your website’s “blog” section, you can talk about various aspects of real estate photography that many photographers will find interesting and helpful.

Sharing your knowledge and experience with other real estate photographers will turn your website into a permanent online learning basis for many photographers.

First, it increases one’s credibility and establishes one as a knowledgable person in this industry. This will eventually increase your website’s traffic and visibility which will, in turn, bring you more customers.

Our Verdict

To elevate your real estate photography website, you may need to edit its content, reorganize its layout, and optimize it for search engines. Depending on its current condition, you may have to apply one or all of the changes discussed above. Remember, good real estate photography websites are optimized for search engines, well-organized, and rich in content.


If they are well-known real estate photographers and work outside your territory, mentioning them or showing them on your website is fine. However, if they’re your competitors, you’d better not mention them, as you’d somehow send your clients to them.
Depending on your budget, you might try services such as email marketing, link building, content and video marketing, and social media marketing. Before trying any of these services, you should ask an SEO professional to evaluate your website and help you decide which service/s you should go for.
Social media platforms such as Linkedin or Instagram are great for showcasing your work. But they don’t offer all the advantages that a website has. Social media is a complementary component, not the primary tool you want to use to promote your real estate photography business.

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