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How to Get Real Estate Photography Clients?

by Tan Tason
get real estate photography clients

As a growing industry, real estate photography offers many photographers a stable and rewarding professional path. Whether you’re a professional or have already decided to work as a real estate photographer, you must be aware that the sector is swarming with rivals attempting to determine how to get customers as a real estate photographer. Hence, you must discover an efficient way to get real estate photography clients in this fast-paced, competitive field.

Finding customers can help you grow your business, provide a reliable revenue stream, and expand your clientele one job at a time, whether they are real estate agents or individual sellers. A real estate photographer may increase their clientele in several methods, including via a well-designed web gallery and one-on-one consumer outreach. Here are some excellent techniques to enhance your revenue by expanding your clients.

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Tips to Get Real Estate Photography Clients

Working as a real estate photographer involves passion, perseverance, and attention to detail. As you want to build your real estate photography business, you can attract and maintain clients in the following ways:

Start with free photography

If you are just starting, you should photograph several properties for free to build up your portfolio and experience to show prospective customers. The photos of the first several properties give an idea of which to develop.

Research and monitor your rivals

To gain experience in the real estate field, you should first research the best real estate photographers in your area, checking out their portfolios and websites. Check their internet profiles (including Facebook and Instagram) to see how they attract customers and build their brand as a professional real estate photographer via various methods, such as advertising and networking.

To better understand your competitors, join local real estate directories and examine local listings and the quality of your rivals. You can learn a lot about the real estate photography market and how you can make it to the top by analyzing the photographs and realtors of the top-ranked listings and determining what works and doesn’t.

Set and offer competitive prices

Competitive pricing is essential to get real estate photography clients; to do so, examine what your competitors are charging in your local market and match them. Of course, you want to generate money, but never be the cheapest and avoid being the most costly. Offer bundle deals, and make an effort to emulate your rivals.

Create your own business cards and flyers

Having marketing material on hand, such as business cards and flyers, is one of the most important marketing ideas for real estate photography. Include links to your online portfolio and social media profiles on your business cards and promotional materials to attract more real estate photography clients. People don’t care about how nice or fancy your business cards appear, so save money on them. They simply want your contact information.

Create your own business cards and flyers real estate photography

Make an eye-catching real estate photography portfolio and website

Your business cannot center on a Facebook or Instagram profile; having a portfolio website to advertise yourself and your work could be the most effective approach to discovering your next customer. Your real estate website should have high-resolution photographs of various houses, interiors, and exteriors. Your website should also include a page dedicated to reserving your primary services and detailed explanations of those offerings and associated costs.

Create a Google My Business page

Google My Business (GMB) is a fantastic and, most importantly, free resource for getting the word out about your business. GMB enables you to conceal your address and establish an area of activity. You should also activate a similar tool on Bing called Bing Places for Business. Your Bing listing can sync automatically with Google My Business, so you don’t have to enter the same content again.

Sign up for an email marketing service

Email marketing is a reliable tool for communicating with your network and potential customers. Customers are more likely to remain involved with your business if they are regularly updated through email about new items, special offers, and other relevant information.

Identify your target audience

Seller’s agents, often known as “Listing Agents,” are your target audience and pay for your services. They are the ones that post the property for sale on the MLS. Since they primarily rely on home sales for revenue, they often engage in extensive advertising. These are the agencies you want since images are essential for advertising.

Join in open houses

An open house is a terrific opportunity to meet the real estate agent face-to-face and get new customers. This is an ideal chance to display your work and provide your contact information. Remember to bring marketing materials like business cards and fliers to the open house to share with the realtor.

Find real clients

You could use Google Maps to look for all the real estate brokers in your desired location to expand your clientele. Look for businesses that have offices near busy areas. Put only a little effort into big-name brands since they generally have their photographers and are unwilling to work with a tiny startup like yours. It is preferable to go to independent real estate agents and give your business cards and pricing list.

As you expand your hunt for your next real estate photography customer, prioritize relationships that can significantly benefit your business. Find customers who may require a photographer or advantage from having professional images taken for their ad. Get in touch to tell them about your real estate photography expertise, availability, and locality.

Provide more services

You can differentiate yourself as a real estate photographer by bundling services like virtual tours and quick turnaround time. Packaged services like this provide real estate agents more flexibility in selecting the best option for their listing.

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Make targeted marketing advertisements

Investing in advertisements is a fantastic strategy to increase traffic to your portfolio website and attract more customers for your real estate photography business. Locate your demographic and advertise on social media using an image and content that speaks to their interests. To market to prospective high-end customers, you might use a big format photograph of a luxurious house photographed at twilight or a series of before-and-after images of recently renovated residences.

Use social media

Choose one or two social media channels and build your presence there. Then, you should focus on consistently producing compelling material on social networks to remind followers of your job and business profile. Share your thoughts on other photographers’ works to get exposure and maintain relationships in the photography community. More time spent on social media means more opportunities to promote your services and reach a wider audience.

Ask for referrals

Well-taken photography piques the consumer’s interest in a property. In fact, the property is sold with the help of excellent photos, virtual tours, floor plans, and exact measurements. When consumers are satisfied with your services, they suggest them to others. This is how to get real estate photography clients.


Now that you know how to get real estate photography clients, you may be ready to start booking clients and planning your next shoot. Make sure your internet portfolio beautifully displays your work and serves to advertise you as a photographer to assist your marketing efforts. To increase your internet visibility and attract more real estate customers, create a portfolio of your work and promote it to them.


You should inquire about the photographer’s equipment, referrals, expertise with virtual staging, the turnaround time for final images, and editing of final photos.
You must utilize a DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens, flash, and a tripod. Invest in a drone for aerial photography, shoot from various angles, adjust the lighting, and always edit your photos.
The median annual salary for a Real Estate Photographer is $53,292, with the range usually falling between $44,356 and $65,543.

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