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Blog » Marketing » Social Media for Real Estate Agents (cost/benefit analysis + tips to start)

Social Media for Real Estate Agents (cost/benefit analysis + tips to start)

by Tan Tason
Social Media for Real Estate Agents

In the current digital era, it is hard to grow a business without exploiting social media marketing. Real estate agents also can benefit from harnessing the power of social media by creating a digital footprint and establishing a personal connection with their audience.

For agents, networking is all about developing strong relationships, and their ultimate objective is to become a trusted source for all the real estate-related matters in their local areas. Social media should be a regular tool for promoting your brand and building your reputation. From a marketing aspect, you should include social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, in your company toolset.

Using social media enables you to have an immediate interaction with the audience. It expands your area of influence and referral network and enables you to connect with an infinite amount of people. This includes current customers, possible new prospects, and colleagues in the business.

Prior to developing a marketing plan, you should investigate the advantages of social media for real estate agents. Here are the key benefits of using social media for marketing. These top advantages can help you achieve your objective, whether you’re improving brand recognition, developing your social media presence, or generating leads.

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The Benefits of Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Buying or selling a property is a financially significant choice. When making such a decision, the majority of people seek an agent who will defend their interests and guide them through the complications of property ownership. The real estate agent they hire must be someone they are comfortable having by their side throughout the full process. This is where social media comes into play as real estate social marketing. It may be a terrific method to initiate a discourse, provide advice, and develop a lasting connection with buyers, sellers, and renters if used properly. Among the advantages of utilizing social media for real estate agents are:

Saves you time

Sharing links to listings (especially those with high-quality images and videos) saves time for both buyers and sellers, as well as brokers. Social media allows homebuyers to preview properties before booking a viewing so they can assess whether or not it meets their requirements.

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Comprehensive reach

If you’re a marketer, you can’t ignore the reality that many companies increasingly depend on social media to have an online presence, and that includes real estate firms. Social media today enables companies to obtain prospective consumers in even the most distant regions of the globe. You must keep up with the changing perspective and searching habits of your customers in order to avoid falling behind.

Business extensibility

Social media provides vast opportunities for networking and improved visibility. Agents are able to expand their reach through networking with other agents, brokers, and service organizations. Increasing their number of social media followers and identifying their target audience are additional benefits.

Improved interactions

Social networking is a two-way interaction that costs you nothing. For example, during a marketing campaign, marketers can take advantage of social media messaging tools. It’s a great way to get your message in front of the right people and customize it at the same time for better results.

Enhances credibility

Social media helps agents to distinguish themselves from the competition and establish a reputation for themselves through a variety of inventive methods. In addition, it provides a quick and low-cost option to contact large numbers of potential buyers.

The more posts and the higher quality of material, the greater possibility of developing a reputable image, interacting with your audience, and standing out among your competitors.

How to Use Social Media for Real Estate? (tips & tricks)

Now that we have established the crucial role of social media, we must figure out ways to make the best out of them. There are some general considerations for realtors using social media. Apart from these general tips, since realtors can benefit from social media for multiple aspects of their job, we have compiled tips on announcing new listings, providing information, building trust

General tips on using social media for real estate

These are primary considerations you should keep in mind while setting your activity on various social platforms.

1. Choose your platforms realistically

You can use multiple mediums for marketing in real estate, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube. It is ideal to be present on all these platforms, but only if you can keep up. You can start with the most popular ones, Facebook and Instagram, and expand. You can also outsource your social marketing and use packages that offer assistance in providing and posting your content.

2. Be Consistent and original

Establish your flow and stick to it; you can’t post three times in one day and then radio silent for a week. Therefore, you need to pick up a pace that works with your agenda. While doing so, remember that your audience is intelligent and has a filtering system, so take Oscar Wilde’s advice and “be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

3. Remain responsive

You should be reachable through the platforms you’re active on. Keep in mind that social media is a stage for dialogues and not a podium for lectures. To keep the conversation, you must be able to answer inquiries and comments of your audience, preferably on the same day. That is why it is vital to bite what you can chew in your social media presence.

4. Regulate the content

Monitor homebuyers’ reactions to different contents and plan a well-balanced strategy to cover all topics. Remember that what shapes your daily job is someone’s life-altering decision. Demonstrating your understanding of this aspect in your content is crucial. It cannot be all business, so let in all the aspects of life.

5. Pick the time for posting wisely

Today we’re dealing with an endless ocean of posts on different platforms. You’ll need to reach your audience, hence the necessity of the right time for posting. There are suggestions on timing if you google it, but the issue is if everyone would abide by them, it’ll result in an influx of data. That will raise the chance of getting lost in the midst.
We recommend a tailor-made approach: post at different times of weekdays and monitor the reach and reaction; you can set your schedule based on the outcome.

best time to post on facebook


best time to post on instagram


best time to post on tiktok


6. Stay creative with the titles, captions, and content

You must give a reason for your audience to stop scrolling and your tiles and captions act as the brakes. Remember that they are not supposed to act as a hook and not deliver. You should provide authentic or researched content and let your titles invite people in.
The best yardstick for what works is yourself. Be mindful of what catches your eye when using social media and incorporate it into your content preparation strategy.

7. Assess advancement

Social media forms a part of your marketing strategy; therefore, you’ll need to evaluate it periodically. This way, you see which platform works best for you and where you need improvements. Set timelines for your assessments and abide by them to avoid misspending your resources.

8. Use contests and questions

Social media is all about the conversation, so take advantage of all the means available to keep it alive. You can come up with contests on related topics, use polls, and ask questions to keep your audience engaged. The issues you choose here should be relatable and helpful while practiced in a fun way.

Tips on Using Social Media for New Listings

New listings are a consistent part of your social media, especially where you can upload multiple photos and videos. While offering high-quality listing images, you can benefit from the following tips.

9. Post all new listings

Showcase your new listings through all the platforms you’re using. You can have multiple posts on one listing, covering different aspects of the property. Choose your hero images intently and focus on the unique features of the listing.

post new listing on social media

10. Make video walkthroughs

Prepare video tours of your new listings and demonstrate the property’s charms. Remember to use a pace that allows the viewers enough time to grasp the atmosphere. You can make a thorough walkthrough and then break it down into small ones for several postings, or you can record each room separately and share it accordingly.

11. Offer virtual open house

You can upload a virtual house tour on your social media or stream a Live open house and answer the viewers’ questions. This method can act as a hook for actual open houses or in-person showings; in this scenario, give out the headlines but keep the details for personal viewings.

Tips on Using Social Media for Providing Information

Some of the data you share on your platforms are directly related to the real estate market. They can build a solid foundation for real estate market transactions. It is also vital to share what is related to home ownership.

12. Prepare guides for buyers

Homebuyers, especially first-time purchasers, are making a life-changing decision and welcome all the information you can offer. Remember to keep it practical and relatable for them. Break the process down and guide them step by step. You can show how and where your services can be helpful in the house-buying process. Also, it is beneficial to talk about common mistakes and ways to avoid them.
You can share these guidelines in one package or put them in individual posts under one label. Choosing your approach depends on the medium you’re using.

guides for home buyers

13. Prepare guides for sellers

Getting the property ready for sale can be time-consuming, and owners may not know where to begin. Walk them through the preparation process and available services, including yours. You can prepare this guide with other local service providers and finalize it as a comprehensive toolkit.

14. Share the news of the market

Real estate is your profession, so you understand its language; when sharing updates and changes in the markets, phrase it for the general audience and not just the experts.
Purchasing real estate is an investment option for many, so try to target them by offering the necessary data.

real estate market news

15. Showcase the neighborhood

For most homebuyers, the surrounding of the house and its amenities are as important as the house itself. If you are working with distinct areas, share the related information. You can prepare complete guides on the neighborhood, share the background stories and fun facts posts, and record videos of the neighborhood atmosphere at different times of the day.
Depending on the features of each area, you can decide which method works best. For instance, you can share the experience via social media if there is a special fare or market.

16. Share tips on house upkeep

Both sides of the real estate market will have to maintain their property before and after the sale. Therefore, you can put property maintenance as one of your recurring topics. You can pair up with local service providers and prepare the content jointly, preparing practical tips.

17. Supply details on design styles

Decorating a house is an indispensable and perhaps the most exciting part of buying and living in it. Introducing the styles and showing them in practice can be an informative yet entertaining topic for your social media feed.
Remember to consider different budgets and see if you can find a local partner for gathering and preparing the content.

Tips on Using Social Media for Building Trust

In-person interaction is the missing particle of social media, so we need to compensate for that through different methods. The goal is to build a reliable online reputation that people can trust enough to make a personal connection.

18. Show the “life of a realtor”

Since buying and selling a property is a process, you can demonstrate your role by recording some personal aspects of your job. You can start by documenting your first visit to a house or capturing the listing photos. While doing so, there should be a balance between drowning your audience with useless data and a strictly business attitude.
Keep in mind that this is about building trust and showing the human being behind all the social media portraits. That is the best time to establish your authenticity; you can talk about your experiences in the market and even your rookie mistakes.

realtor life

19. Tell the story of your team and partners

If you are an agency with multiple colleagues, make room on your social media for each team member. Let the diversity from behind the scene into the spotlight and mix up your social platforms’ content.
Sharing an honest conversation with your partners, like photographers, cleaning agencies, and mortgage brokers, can be mutually beneficial while allowing people to get to know you better.
This way, you bring life to your online existence and make it personal and more humane.

20. Show testimonials

You are building your reputation with each satisfied customer, which has to reflect on your social media. You can always ask them to share their review on your website. You can also try to add a personal touch: send a handwritten note and put a blank card for your client to respond. Or you can record a video together after the sale is done and talk about the experience.
Whatever method you use, share the outcome on your social media and dedicate a tag or label for all your testimonials so that new clients can find them easily.


Real estate professionals must prioritize their time and concentrate on social media marketing tools that make sense. Social media may help your company grow by attracting more leads, targeted audiences, greater conversions, and, finally, more income. You may communicate with consumers via social media by using photographs, videos, posts, stories, and so on, which are the benefits of utilizing social media for real estate agents. Bear in mind that putting yourself accessible to clients implies that you’re accountable for responding and reacting to them.


As an agent, you need to check your marketing strategy and see what fits best. Also, depending on your target customers, you may focus on one or two social platforms more than others. For instance, Millennials, the largest generation of homebuyers, favor Facebook and Instagram the most.
Social media presence is essential for realtors because that is where people hang out today. Apart from that, there are multiple advantages to using social media for the real estate market, including: -Broadening marketing initiatives -Building networks – Improving website traffic -Boosting credibility -Providing a higher ROI

Generally, Saturdays are proven to be the least popular day among social media users. As for the weekdays, some suggest early morning to reach the audience before their daily activities.

Remember that any general rule would be applied by all, creating a tide of posts on specific hours. The best strategy is to try out different times on weekdays and monitor the engagement of the audience. This way, you get a first-hand understanding of your audience’s behavior.

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