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Blog » Marketing » 19 Tested Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents [2023]

19 Tested Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents [2023]

by Tan Tason
Marketing tips for real estate agents

Despite the highly competitive real estate market, with the correct marketing methods, your business can stand out, attract more customers, and close more deals. Property investments have undergone a fundamental change in recent years. In this blog, we’re going to examine some of the Marketing tips for real estate agents that are used in 2022.

According to statistics, 63% of home buyers purchased their house without seeing it in real life, and 92% said they began their house-hunting process online. So, the world of real estate marketing is more competitive than ever due to the significant move toward online property purchases.

Those agents who wish to succeed in the real estate market should have a marketing plan that demonstrates emotional credibility, factual accuracy, and user-driven functionality at every point of the marketing cycle. In this article, we will examine some effective marketing tips for real estate agents. If you follow these suggestions, you will get more leads. Thereafter, you must be the one to convert them into profit.

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What Is Real Estate Marketing?

Real estate marketing is a strategy including the promotion of your unique selling proposition to the public in order to develop your brand, acquire clients, and grow sales and income.

In fact, the endeavor is all about gaining attention and earning the trust of your audience. The end goal of real estate marketing is the generation of leads and their subsequent conversion into clients. You may provide a variety of services, including property sales and management, leasing, renting, and so on by using marketing.

To keep ahead of the competition, companies must execute savvy and smart real estate marketing techniques. Some of the most effective business growth strategies include:

  • Identify the target audience
  • Define the goal for your agent
  • Use social media
  • Concentrate on word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations
  • Consider traditional marketing, such as printing brochures and business cards, engaging in local activities, and placing ads on billboards
  • Deploy Instagram, Google and Facebook ads

You can find your target audience and promote your business with these marketing methods.

Marketing Tips for Real Estate

Like every other aspect of marketing, finding the right clients is challenging. Therefore, in order to come up with real estate marketing concepts, a real estate agent needs to be original and creative. Here, we examine the most effective marketing tips for real estate agents so that you may expand your business and boost your sales.

Develop a business plan

Each of us ought to review or create a new business plan for the next year as the calendar year winds down. This will provide insight into which actions may have contributed to the growth of a firm over the last year and which may have failed.

In fact, a business plan is a protocol or set of instructions that can be used to replicate what was successful. It also compels you to evaluate the origin of your company and the effectiveness of lead-generating solutions.

Create social media accounts

You definitely must include social media in your marketing approach. Create an active social media account first, then offer helpful or informative material, and last, purchase advertising.

As a real estate agent, you must project the image of a professional who is an expert in their business and knows it better than anyone. One of the best real estate marketing strategies for reaching this objective is content. The most important characteristics of high-quality content are authority, trustworthiness, and expertise.

Producing informative or insightful material makes you an authority figure and builds trust. Those that have trusted your brand will advocate for you. To reach the biggest audience possible and to increase interaction rates, post your videos and photographs to a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Social media may also be used to enhance conversion rates by driving visitors back to your website.

Take advantage of social media

Classify your contacts by using a database

Real estate agents must categorize their relationships to focus their time and efforts on clients who often refer business to them. The simplest method to arrange your customer database is to divide them into three different categories.

  • Hot leads: These are customers who remember you regularly and recommend you as the first choice for a real estate agent.
  • Warm leads: These are customers that may sometimes recommend your business but have the potential to be pushed into your hot lead category with more nurturing.
  • Cold leads: These are customers you’ve assisted who have never sent another prospect your way. They remember your company practices and may provide future referrals.

Make virtual house tours

The majority of recent customers began the house-hunting process by browsing online listings. For your property listings to stand out, produce virtual house tours that give viewers the impression that they are touring the property in person.

You may utilize videos to highlight significant features of each property. Note that property postings with videos get greater engagement. This is a method of motivating prospects to strengthen their connection with you and plan phone and in-person meetings.

Participate in local events

Our community is very supportive of local real estate professionals. As real estate professionals, you must support your community and plan activities. Agents in the real estate industry might benefit greatly from getting involved in fundraising events or any other charity that could use financial or physical aid from them.

Expand your circle of influence

Leads and future business are best sourced from those who already know, like, and trust you. Therefore, it is important to maintain contact with this group since doing so will encourage them to recommend you to their friends and relatives. Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are excellent opportunities to stay in touch more frequently without appearing to pursue business.

Use online tools

Time is important in the real estate industry. If you lack systematic processes, you will lose a great deal of time. An ideal tool for managing your escrows is a cloud-based system like Dropbox. It can serve as a handy reminder for upcoming tasks on your phone, laptop, or standalone computer.

Utilizing a contact relationship management (CRM) platform is another useful method for keeping on top of your deals. In addition to organizing your contacts into groups, these tools also enable you to create reminders and present you with next-step ideas.

LionDesk is an example of a CRM. It can remind you of upcoming chores and allow you to communicate with prospective customers through text and email without leaving the site. To further help you save time, it has an AI-driven virtual assistant that can classify customers automatically according to their interaction level.

Publish listings in online markets

Advertise your properties on internet marketplaces to reach the greatest number of prospective buyers. There are many real estate-related websites that offer free profiles for agents. The agents can add the required information to their profile, including their name, brokerage, email address, and specialization. A strong profile on these platforms with excellent photographs will assist draw potential buyers and sellers.

Put forth 100% of your effort

Real estate requires full-time dedication at all times. You can’t treat the real estate industry like a social club and skip out on meetings whenever you choose. So plan ahead of time and establish your goal.

Promote your brand

Building your reputation and name recognition is crucial whether you work for a huge corporation or a startup or have just launched your own real estate agency. You must develop a distinct appearance and feel that your community will recognize it. Similarly, establishing credibility and staying top-of-mind among locals requires a distinctive brand. You must have a logo, a consistent color scheme, and a slogan as part of your marketing strategy.

Use Instagram or Facebook live to connect with buyers

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most widely used channels for real estate advertising. Live streaming on Facebook or via Instagram Live gives your customers the opportunity to connect with you, see how you operate and get a true understanding of the house-buying and selling process.

Your viewers will expect you to record using a smartphone, so you don’t need to be overly concerned with expensive camera equipment and production technique. A live video brings the audience into the room, improves audience engagement, and thereby provides them with the full experience of what it was like to be there.

Reconsider your website

Without a website, you have no existence. A website is essential for potential customers to locate us using modern technology. The design, text, and image layout on your website must be clean, organized, straightforward, and direct. To pique the visitor’s interest in your services, you must provide them with sufficient information and then follow up with them to address any further inquiries.

Create a real estate website


Plan a postcard mailer campaign

Along with quarterly phone calls, a website, and company branding, giving valuable freebies to customers is another effective strategy for staying top of mind. One of them could be a postcard mailer with helpful information.

Master the art of refusal

Time is precious. Therefore, be picky about how you spend your time. As real estate agents, we are often invited to participate in a variety of committees. However, if you accept every offer, you run the danger of being overextended.

Share updates

Engaging with prospective clients on a regular basis is a successful strategy. Sending out emails and updates frequently establishes you as a reliable resource for existing customers, generates interest in your listings, and puts you in front of prospective clients. Keep in mind that your audience expects to get something out of your updates. Include useful information in your updates, such as local real estate news, checklists, and buying and selling advice.

Keep in touch with clients seasonally

It is essential to understand that your consumers want attention and concern. Calling your customer every three months and attentively listening to what they have to say will generate business chances. These calls will require some time, but the return on investment will be substantial and well worth the effort.

Do an annual market analysis

Every homeowner, regardless of whether the market is booming or sluggish, is curious about the current worth of their property. Your customer will appreciate it if you do a market analysis on their anniversary every year. You can call them and inquire about routine topics like their job and family and give them some information about the current state of the market.

Plan holiday drop-ins

Holiday drop-ins are one of the most well-received forms of advertising. You can choose certain customers from your group of hot leads to visit in person. Give a holiday gift to these customers when you visit them.

Schedule a time to practice affirmations and positive self-talk

Most real estate brokers have very high standards for their own work. If objectives are not accomplished, and tasks are not finished, people may have negative self-talk. When negative ideas like these pop into your head, try replacing them with encouraging and motivating words to yourself.


Real estate agents need to have a solid marketing strategy. Using these tailored marketing tips for real estate agents, you will not only be able to generate more leads and establish a trustworthy reputation for your agent, but you will also be able to keep ahead of the curve in a very competitive field.


Here are the most common challenges you’d face as a real estate agent owner:
  • Competing with new  businesses and startups
  • adapting to constant changes that technology brings in
  • making an online brand
SWOT in real estate marketing represents strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats based on your business.

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