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Blog » Marketing » Do You Need a Floor Plan to Sell a House?

Do You Need a Floor Plan to Sell a House?

by Tan Tason
You Need a Floor Plan to Sell a House

It’s natural to assume that the most significant components of a property’s marketing presentation would be high-quality photos and an elegant description. So, why do you need a floor plan to sell a house if you have these?

Well, the short answer is: floor plans work! New studies show that homebuyers prioritize floor plans along with photos and descriptions. According to statistics, listings that come with a floor plan generate 30% more interest than a property without one. These statistics emphasize the vital role of floor plans in today’s market and demonstrate that, quite simply, a floor plan increases the chances of your listing selling.

Now that we know floor plans work, let’s attend to the long answer and see why and how floor plans help you sell a house.

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What Makes Floor Plan an Essential Part of Every Listing?

Realtors are aware of the significant role of the following:

  • Putting high-quality listing images
  • Using drone photography,
  • Enlisting virtual tours
  • Adding video walk-throughs

Agents know that these are required to remain competitive in today’s market. A perfect addition to the above features is a real estate floor plan, and we are going to review its advantages together

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1. Assisting buyers with visualization

To pique the interest of a prospective buyer, real estate brokers must use the visualization technique of providing a high-quality floor plan. It works similarly to virtual staging and image enhancement in that you want to showcase all the property qualities in the most appealing manner possible. Even before the customer chooses the property, the floor plan provides minute facts about the structure and extended vistas. They assist buyers in picturing how the home flows, where windows and doors are placed, what storage capabilities the property provides, and where outside elements are positioned. Additionally, they help buyers to see their own furniture and personal items in the house.

2. Enhances the prospects of hard-to-sell properties

For many realtors, it’s a common procedure to deal with houses that are difficult to sell. That might be due to the property’s location, such as buildings on run-down estates, old structures with out-of-date interior décor, or a building with an awkward layout.
In such cases, a professional floor plan can assist in presenting the property to the prospective buyer from a different angle. It can demonstrate that the structure is in good condition, that the ceilings are high, that it is blessed with ample space, and that it is located in a calm environment. Floor plans help highlight the slightest aspects of each home, discreetly influencing the purchasing choice of potential buyers.

3. Enhancing marketing efforts

There are two eye-catching properties. One has a floor plan, and one doesn’t. Which one is easier to relate to? The floor plan alongside the pictures makes your listing stand out.
The real estate ad featuring a 2D or 3D floor plan provides prospective buyers with extensive information about a building. It may contain all the relevant information about the property, from the placement of each room down to the smallest detail, like a shelf, that homebuyers want to check before buying. As a result, floor plans are effective marketing tools that pique the interest of prospective customers by showcasing real estate in an appealing manner.

4. Easing the process of elimination

Using floor plans in real estate advertising allows for more precise targeting of people most likely to become customers. With this information, potential buyers may make more informed decisions about whether or not a home is a good fit for their requirements.
Floor plans aid the target audience in determining if the real estate is a suitable fit for them during queries, while those who are uninterested will go elsewhere. That simplifies the work of a real estate agent since customers who call are already satisfied with the property.

5. Raising the visit ratio

When seeing a property, there is a lot to take in, in a short time. A floor plan enables the buyer to revisit the house in the future. Even if they’ve seen a lot of places, your floor plan prompts them to recall your home and what it has to offer.
It is more likely for prospective buyers to arrange a viewing if they have the floor plan in addition to the pictures. When you answer all the possible questions about your listing by giving visual content and context, the chances of getting a visit or even an offer are higher.

6. Saving time

When the buyers are given thorough information, they decide comfortably and, therefore, faster. Also, the buyers who approach you are more decisive about their choice of property; they’ve seen the layout and are aware that it fits their needs.
This way, the property stays shorter in the market. That is a win for both the buyer and the realtor.

7. Facilitating online property recommendation

Since the properties for sale are not identical, it isn’t easy to generate the preferences of each buyer to recommend listings online. Floor plans can be an asset in formulating the real estate market. Research on this possibility will pave the way, and any agent enlisting floor plans will be the winner in the future market.


In this article, we elaborated on the reasons you need a floor plan to sell a house. The real estate marketing industry is becoming more competitive. As a result, adding floor plans to listings will give you a competitive advantage. Clever agents use various professional tools to gain customers, including floor plans.
Floor plans come in a wide variety of styles, from the simple black-and-white layout to the 3D full-color floor plans. Start putting floor plans in your property listings now and see a rise in the amount of time people spend looking at them.


You are not legally required to include a floor plan when selling a house. But it is safe to say you are commercially required to do so! In a competitive market, any tool that can give you an edge is essential, here being the inclusion of a floor plan to your listing.
Prices differ depending on the quality, details, dimensions, and use of color. Generally, online services for redrawing floor plans start at around $15. They can go up to $100 for custom-made designs and layouts.
Sketching the layout of a property requires precise measurements. You should also be able to use proper scaling to showcase the exact size of the house and its spaces. Also, there are applications like HomeByMe, Room Planner, and Planner5D that you can use to draw a floor plan online.

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