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Is Instagram Good for Real Estate Marketing?

by Tan Tason
Instagram real estate marketing

External influences such as global changes, growing competition, and changing consumer needs will affect the world of tomorrow. Therefore, if you want to be successful in the real estate industry, you must constantly monitor your business environment and provide a steady stream of useful market insights for your organization. Instagram and real estate marketing have been an increasingly popular combination in recent years.

Almost every aspect of Instagram is suitable for real estate marketing: its image and video representations may be used to show properties, its massive user base, which currently exceeds one billion monthly active users, provides reach across a wide range of demographics and locations, its mobile-first design combines location data and geo-targeting readily.

There is no better place to promote real estate than Instagram, which is both visually appealing and widely used. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, read on to learn about the effective ways Instagram can be utilized for real estate marketing.

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What Should You Do Before Creating Your Instagram Account?

The visual aspect of Instagram makes it a great social media platform for real estate marketing. Since property developers often attempt to peddle a certain way of life and set of experiences, visuals, especially videos, are crucial to marketing their listings. Furthermore, more individuals than ever before are searching for houses on social media.

On Instagram, real estate is one of the most interesting topics. There are a few details you should iron out before making your Instagram debut. These considerations should be taken into account when you develop your Instagram real estate marketing plan and get ready to dive into this social network.

Enhance your brand

Instagram is a visual social media site. Thus, it is worthwhile to invest in images that will halt the scrolling of your target audience. Excellent content generates likes, shares, and saves, further enhancing your position in the algorithm.

The way you interact with your follower’s matters just as much for developing trust and creating a standout Instagram presence. Maintaining a consistent brand voice, tone, and message across all channels will provide the impression to your audience that they are getting to know the brand’s personality over time.

Set specific goals

Your Instagram followers should represent a loyal following. Your Instagram efforts will provide more than simply likes if they are consistent with your brand and objectives. Here are some Instagram real estate marketing goals to consider:

interacting with potential customers and other industry leaders

  • Developing authority
  • Displaying diverse unit types

Create a content strategy

The next step is to create a content strategy based on your findings on the types of content that will appeal most to your target demographic. Create a list of the types of material you want to publish or content pillars to guide your writing. Consider the following alternative options:

  • Real estate investment tips
  • Client testimonials and success stories
  • Announcements about future activities and events
  • Community-relevant content
  • Feature your team and core beliefs

What is Instagram Real Estate Marketing?

You need to carefully consider which social media network would best serve your networking needs before you begin using social media. Instagram is known for being hip and trendy among the younger generation.

Based on the average engagement rates of published material, it is reasonable to state that Instagram is the most engaging social platform among those where homebuyers and property sellers may be active in large numbers. Let’s take a look at why Instagram is in realtors’ spotlight.

Introduce your group

Customers usually want to know who you are before doing business with you. Instagram allows you to highlight information about yourself and your team. The more well-known and approachable you are, the more likely it is that others will want to get in touch with you.

It’s important to show more personality in your Instagram posts than just your career achievements. Some aspects, such as community involvement, charitable efforts, and showcasing the personalities of the company and project team, can help build customer trust and emotional resonance.

Create a business accounts

It’s crucial to create a business profile on Instagram if you want to use the platform for professional purposes. By doing so, you can have access to useful functions inside your bio, such as analytics, promoted posts, and direct messaging capabilities.

Improve your bio

Your Instagram bio serves as your virtual business card. Therefore it should be optimized to attract new followers and business opportunities since it is the first thing people see when they visit your profile.

Your bio is also where customers take action to interact with your business outside of the platform, so establishing consistency with other touchpoints is critical. For example, If you’ve recently posted a listing and want to direct your followers to further information about it, you can include a link in your profile.

Create an attractive and cohesive feed theme

It’s important to have a well-designed, consistent Instagram feed since it acts as a mini-portfolio for your business, property, and services. Creating an Instagram feed theme is one approach to guaranteeing a seamless grid.

On Instagram, having a feed theme means that all of your photographs and videos have the same style and tone. This can be achieved by keeping a consistent aesthetic throughout all of your photographs, including color, filter, and composition choices.

Use Instagram ads to attract buyers

Instagram video advertisements can make your properties come alive. Listings with a video generate 43% more inquiries than those without one. With Instagram, you can easily share your videos and repurpose some of them for Instagram ads.

Use carousel ads to appeal listing

The benefit of Instagram is that you are not limited to a single format for your gorgeous adverts. A gorgeous carousel ad type is one Instagram ad format. It enables you to show many photos in a catalog-like fashion, allowing your audience to navigate through and see different rooms or homes. This style also provides many possibilities to attract new leads via the use of stunning pictures.

Analyze hashtags and make lists

Realtors may do research on hashtags to compile a relevant list. Hashtagging can be extremely advantageous for expanding the reach of your Instagram post. Hashtags not only enable users of social media platforms to better organize and classify material, but they are also one of the primary motivating factors behind some of the most successful marketing efforts of the modern era.

Create a content calendar

Because of the rapid-fire nature of the Instagram social network, your audience is exposed to a never-ending stream of fresh content. So maintaining your Instagram account active with frequent posts can keep your brand in your followers’ feeds and increase interaction.

One strategy for doing this is to create a digital calendar in which you prearrange all of your social media updates. It will assist you in staying organized and ensuring that your content is updated and relevant.

instagram content calendar


Find local and target audience

When you create your first Instagram advertisement, you will see that there are many possibilities for defining a target audience. Location targeting is the most significant targeting strategy for real estate social marketing.

Create visual listing

As you are surely aware, real estate customers wish to visualize themselves and their belongings in a home. Using images, you can write a story about them in their ideal house on Instagram.

Utilize action buttons

To effectively promote real estate on Instagram, you must be readily accessible. Companies can encourage client interaction with their brands by adding action buttons to their Instagram profiles. Having them in place will make it much easier for customers to get in touch with you and make appointments.

If you utilize the email, call, and message buttons on this form, they will all be combined into a single Contact button after you submit the form. Moreover, there are a few advanced action buttons that are linked to other programs, such as those for scheduling appointments and making reservations, should the necessity arise.

Share reels

Reels are a creative and engaging way to exhibit properties, offer a brief tour, answer queries from followers, or emphasize certain features of your property. You could also showcase what it’s like to work in the real estate industry by filming behind-the-scenes footage of your staff. This can put a face to your business and connect you to your target market.

Use Instagram stories and highlights

Instagram stories enable users to make and share brief, 24-hour videos. You can use stories for advertising content, posing queries, and inviting your followers to join the conversation. After that, you may save stories as highlights to permanently display them on your profile. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide your fans with an archive they can use whenever they visit your page.

Display your achievements

Customers are more likely to do business with thriving companies and individuals. Use Instagram to boast a bit to show viewers that you can better meet their real estate needs than others. Remember that sharing details about your achievements on social media is helpful.

The Perks and Drawbacks of Instagram Real Estate Marketing

When it comes to attracting followers, prospects, and clients, Instagram may seem like an obvious choice for some types of businesses. Instagram provides creative and hassle-free methods to present your brand and business to potential customers. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram for real estate marketing.

Pros of Instagram for real estate:

Showcase your brand and get new followers

You can reach new audiences, increase brand exposure, and sell more properties using Instagram advertisements. In addition to drawing new and interested users to your platforms, a captivating picture may go viral and spread your brand messages.

Highlight current properties

Instagram is an ideal platform for displaying homes and projects. When utilizing Instagram for real estate marketing, the first thing that springs to mind is highlighting what is presently for sale or rent. To accomplish this objective successfully, it is worthwhile to devote more effort to aesthetics.

Attract more buyers

Instagram is mobile-based, and because the majority of its users favor mobile devices, you may attract more customers. In fact, you join an efficient social network that provides material that is simple to distribute on mobile devices. With Instagram, you can share your pictures and videos easily and create new communities.

Obtain real-time responses

Over half of the comments on your post will appear within the first 6 hours of it becoming public. This can provide a decent indication of how well your product or service will be accepted.

Interact with customers

Using Instagram lives and stories, you may directly communicate with home buyers and sellers. This facilitates the identification of your target audience and their demands.

Cons of Instagram for real estate:

Some of the people you’re trying to reach may not even be on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network among the younger generation. As a result, you may have a harder time reaching your target audience.

It is not necessarily a commerce-focused platform

There are a lot of people who check Instagram just to pass the time, without any plans to buy anything. The concept of buying things by following Instagram profiles is not currently a priority for everyone.

Images must be posted using a mobile device

Even while mobile uploads are currently the most efficient means of disseminating information, this may not be ideal for all businesses.

There isn’t a lot of space for further content

Some photographs deserve an explanation, but Instagram does not provide sufficient space for this. This implies the brand message you send forward is mainly via images or videos exclusively.

What Should Be Avoided on Instagram?

You should be aware of typical blunders made by real estate companies on Instagram as you craft your marketing plan for the app. We’ve compiled a list of Instagram don’ts for your perusal.

Buying followers

It takes time to build an organic following on Instagram, so it could be tempting to utilize one of the numerous services that sell followers. The issue with buying followers from these services is that the majority of them are bots or inactive accounts that do nothing except inflate your follower count.

As a result, buying followers wastes money and damages your brand. Paid followers won’t generate leads or engagement. Additionally, Instagram is constantly eliminating fake accounts, which might reduce your total number of followers.

Promoting excessively

There are already a lot of advertisements in your followers’ feeds, so they’d rather follow accounts that provide value to their daily lives. There are several ways to provide value, such as via providing interesting images, informative content, or early access to new listings.

Making your profile private

People must request to follow you if you make your profile private. Many people, even those who are interested in your business, won’t go through the extra effort of sending a follow request. Keeping your account public maximizes exposure and attracts new viewers.

Lost chances to engage with your followers

Don’t allow your followers’ participation in your postings to go unnoticed when they take the time to leave a remark. By not responding to comments, you send the message that you don’t care about your audience. Show your followers that you value their opinions by reading and responding to as many comments as you can on your posts. It’s a great strategy for attracting and retaining new followers and expanding your influence on Instagram.


Instagram is beneficial for real estate marketing, particularly when utilized correctly. Instagram is the ideal platform for creating more business engagement. On Instagram, consumers like following their favorite businesses. As a result, now is the moment to make use of Instagram in order to increase your online visibility.


The use of social media in the real estate market is on the rise. Given that Instagram is primarily a visual platform, utilizing it for real estate marketing is a great idea.
Creating a business account, having a well-written bio, including action buttons, using Instagram advertisements and highlights, sharing useful content, adding images, interacting with followers, and sharing testimonials are the greatest Instagram methods.
Depending on your content strategy, you will decide what to publish on Instagram for real estate. But in general, you can post your prior transactions and customers’ success stories, frequently asked questions, listing, information about your real estate firm, and links to your website.

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