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Blog » Photography » A Pro in Your Pocket: iPhone 14 Pro Max for Real Estate Photography, Yes or No?

A Pro in Your Pocket: iPhone 14 Pro Max for Real Estate Photography, Yes or No?

by Tan Tason
iPhone 14 pro max photography

It’s all about your pocket! As a realtor, you may be unable to budget for professional photography out of your pocket, figuratively! But you can have an assistant in your pocket, literally, to be by your side in capturing real estate photos like a professional. Let’s call this assistant iPhone 14 Pro Max photography! The ultra-wide lens and 48 MP camera are ready to shoot on your command.

We agree with Mr. Jarvis that the best camera is the one with you, albeit with one amendment: let’s choose that camera wisely!

You must have proper gadgets if you decide to be one of the realtors who shoot their listings. Since you don’t want to change your career from realtor to photographer, you need something small but efficient; hence the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Let’s check out this tiny assistant of yours and see what makes it a Pro in your pocket.

Table of Contents

Features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera

We are all familiar with how this part goes: A sequence list with camera features and then moving on. Let’s do this differently and analyze those features that make apple iPhone 14 Pro max photography unique.

Three lenses in one

With iPhone pro max, you have telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lenses, and you can choose which one fits. Why is this important? Because you have various spaces in real estate photography. Sometimes you need to take one or two steps back, but the room doesn’t allow it. The wide and ultra-wide lenses do the stepping back for you. When you are shooting narrow spaces like the bathroom, the ultra-wide lens makes it possible to capture the whole room in one frame.

You can also easily shoot the exterior and fit all the estate in one image. This image, in particular, is essential in real estate marketing since, most of the time, it’s the first one shown in online listings. You need this image to be eye-catching, showing homebuyers the property as a whole. iPhone 14 pro max wide-angle lenses provide this option for you.

iPhone 14 lenses

48 megapixels

iPhone 13 pro max offered 12 megapixels in the rear camera, so this is quite the upgrade for iPhone 14 pro max’s 48 megapixels rear camera compared to its predecessor. What makes this upgrade important? With iPhone 13, you would still get a high-quality image, but when the picture is taken with 12 megapixels, there is a limit on how much you can zoom. Of course, you CAN zoom, but the quality would degrade.

iPhone 14 pro max photography offers a quad pixel sensor. What does this mean exactly? The sensor puts 4 pixels into one giant pixel resulting in more lights stored. This way, you get a 12 mp size photo with the details of a 48 mp picture.

Apart from that, when you shoot in ProRAW with 48 mp, you capture an unbelievable amount of detail, even in dark conditions.

Now, with iPhone 14 pro max, you can take wide-angle pictures that won’t lose their quality when your clients zoom in.

Built-in HDR

From iPhone 13 onwards, apple has made HDR photography a default feature. So, you do not need to worry about exposure. It can be a bright or rainy day (although we recommend a blue sky for real estate photography), but with this feature, your photos are a combination of various exposures. And that gives you the best photo, stitching together shots with different lighting levels.

Optimized low-light photography

Since iPhone 14 pro max holds larger sensors, the camera can capture more light in each pixel. Apple’s Photonic Engine puts the best pixels together from different exposures. Then you have the new adaptive “True Tone” flash that guarantees the best lighting for your frame. You get 9 LEDs adjusting to the focal length of your photo. That is quite handy, especially when you are shooting a unique feature of the property.

The combination of these 3- bigger sensors, the Photonic Engine, and the new Adaptive True Tone flash – allows you to take marvelous dusk pictures of the property’s exterior. And if you are shooting on a rather dark day, you won’t miss any of the interior details because of the low lighting.

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Sensor-shift stabilizer (SSS)

Let’s face it: realtors are not photographers. You might not have a tripod with you when shooting a property, and your hand may shake a bit when taking pictures with your phone. iPhone 14 pro max photography offers SSS, enabling you to capture sharp photos.

This feature results in high-quality panoramic pictures. It’s more likely to have a shaky hand when taking a panorama picture, but SSS gives you a steady outcome.

Portrait photography

Discussing portrait features in real estate photography may seem obsolete since we’re only concerned with the structure and its surroundings. But an experienced realtor knows that sometimes it’s the details that sell. A spectacular fireplace, a delicate shelf, or a colorful garden can be the deciding factor for a purchase.

Capturing such features of the property requires a technique that brings it out. iPhone 14 pro max portrait photography gives you multiple options. You can use them and show off the unique features of your listings.

Now that you know the capacities of your Pro assistant, let’s put them to use!

Features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera

How to Use iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera for Real Estate Photography?

Some of the features mentioned above are already in function. So, let’s see how you can make the most out of them by navigating your options.

Pick the proper lens

You have three options; use them according to the space you are shooting. You can switch between them to see where they best match your needs.

Take RAW format images

RAW images may be bigger in size, but it’s worth it. For any sort of editing later, it’s best to save the photo with all the details of the shoot. You can enable this option by going to Settings → Camera → Formats → Apple ProRAW.

Use grid lines

Composition is one of the essentials when it comes to real estate photography. To master the best arrangement, you can benefit from the grid lines. Go to Settings → Camera, and turn on the Grid. Practice the Rule of Third with your iPhone 14 pro max to capture stunning pictures.

Adjust the height of your iPhone camera

Instead of giving you some fixed measurements to abide by, we tell you this: not too much ceiling and not too much floor. Take some practice shots to find what height gives you the best vision of the property’s spaces.

Find the best spot to stand

You have three lenses at your disposal. So, just go around the property and try them out. See if you can put more space in your shot while avoiding clutter. Try the corners. They provide proper angles.

The handy guideline is this: how would the prospective buyer perceive this? Am I showing the space in the best possible way?

When you are done with the shoot, you can check the photos and plan for necessary alterations.

How to Edit iPhone Pro Max Real Estate Photos?

Editing is inseparable from real estate photography. Even professional real estate photographers, with all their gadgets and gismos, edit their shots in the post-production process.

Editing in real estate photography entails three phases: adjusting, removing, and adding. In iPhone 14 pro max photography, you can efficiently deal with the adjusting part. You have many options at hand, from exposure adjustment to correcting distorted lines.

But when it comes to adding and removing, you need additional assistance. Your iPhone 14 pro max cannot remove clutter, add fire to the fireplace, or change your day to dusk. But, thanks to your Pro assistant, you have top-notch photos and only need to outsource the editing part to professionals. No worries! Revivoto has your back.

You can choose from our image enhancement, item removal, day to dusk, and virtual staging services. We’ll be your final assistant in putting the finishing touches on your high-quality photos and making your listings stand out.

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Being a realtor who captures the listing photos as well can be challenging. Of course, you can take pictures with any camera phone, but you know that image is everything in real estate. You also know quality is essential for listing pictures and that there is a limit for adjusting the photos afterward. That is why we analyzed iPhone 14 pro max photography in this blog.

Having the best possible camera is a must for any agents who take real estate photography into their own hands. Together, we reviewed all the information about shooting real estate with iPhone 14 pro max. And you know that we will be with you in the editing process. Just remember: the best camera is the one that is in your pocket and you get to choose it!


Apple has tried to improve its phone cameras with each new design. iPhone Pro max offers the best resolution among iPhones. The 48-megapixel feature allows listing images with top-notch quality. Combining that with three types of lenses gives you a pro.
There are limits on camera features when it comes to cell phones. Manufacturers try to raise the quality while preserving the standard size. Dynamic range is one example of the iPhone 14 pro max features that fall short compared with DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
Agents and homeowners expect a level of expertise and professionalism from real estate photographers, and that partially depends on their proper gear. Imagine a professional real estate photographer with a cell phone in their pocket! Most people would frown upon that and hire a photographer with big bags of gadgets and equipment. Apart from that, there are still gaps between the best camera phones and Digital cameras. That is why a professional real estate photographer works best with the appropriate gear.

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