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Blog » Photography » How to Become a Zillow Certified Photographer?

How to Become a Zillow Certified Photographer?

by Tan Tason
zillow certified photographer

Zillow is the most popular internet real estate data service. Previously, customers had to depend on real estate agents who had access to local MLS sites to identify available houses. However, Zillow has simplified the real estate search process for customers since its launch in 2004.

In Zillow, high-quality photographs are essential for real estate agents who want their properties to appear at the top of Zillow searches and for buyers to make a purchasing choice. So a few years ago, Zillow started a program for real estate photographers who wanted to provide additional services to brokers and have Zillow assess the quality of their work. This is the Zillow Certified Photography program, and many certification and experience tiers are available to the Zillow certified photographer.

The program begins with the Zillow Preferred Photographer accreditation, and a photography business may advance through the ranks to become a Zillow Select Photography firm if they have enough listings on Zillow. This level of certification indicates that Zillow approves of the company’s quality and competence.

Follow the steps below to become a Zillow certified photographer, get more assignments, make an excellent impression, earn more money, and establish yourself as a better-respected photographer in your community.

Table of Contents

Steps to becoming a Zillow certified photographer

Zillow offers the Zillow Photographer Program to those who complete the Program’s standards and are authorized by Zillow. Approved individuals who join the Program agree to be bound by these Zillow Photographer Program Terms of Use and any future modifications. Follow the steps below to become a Zillow Certified Photographer.

Complete the Zillow application form

To start becoming a Zillow Certified Photographer, complete their online application. You have to enter your name, email address, and other pertinent information before submitting the form. Following your submission, Zillow will contact you through email to provide the next steps.

A follow-up email from Zillow support

Your new Zillow account representative will then send you an email outlining the further stages. During this procedure, your Zillow representative will address any questions. Additionally, they will provide many links and videos in the first email they send you on being a Zillow-certified photographer. Zillow’s site also has a wealth of additional information.

Complete the 15-minute module

After receiving the email from your Zillow support representative, the next step is to complete a 15-minute module that explains how the program works and can be accessed through a link in the email from Zillow. The module contains the following items:

  • Examples of previous Zillow-certified photographers’ successes
  • Various content-recording methods
  • Useful advice for using the Zillow application

Since you provided Zillow with your name and email address before beginning the module, they already have this information and can see that you are now ready to go on.

Install Zillow application

After finishing the module, download the Zillow 3D Home application. This is where you can manage, post, and store all Zillow 360 tours that you have created.

Create and publish 5 virtual tours on Zillow

Now you must record and post five Zillow 360 virtual tours. You can film and publish virtual tours for active listings. Or just photograph off-market properties that you have shot in the past. After you’ve uploaded 5 Zillow 360 tours to the app, you should contact your representative.

Confirm published virtual tours by emailing Zillow support

After you contact your Zillow representative, they will start reviewing your work to ensure that you took all the necessary steps.

Get the certification

Your Zillow Certified Photographer badge will be sent to you after your Zillow representative confirms that you’ve followed all the appropriate processes. This badge will be shown in your email signature, social media accounts, website, etc. to inform people of your official accreditation and affiliation with Zillow.


Zillow Certified Photographers can undergo training, pass a quality check on Zillow media products such as Video Walkthrough and 3D Home, and keep up to speed on current and upcoming Zillow media product training. Incorporate Zillow media items into their service offerings.


They must hone their talents as a real estate photographer, compile an appealing portfolio, get client recommendations, contact real estate brokers directly, pursue high-value customers, and monitor the competition.

Aside from a solid portfolio of real estate work, he should be accessible for many shoots per week, can prioritize assignments, follow thorough directions, juggle various deadlines, and be fluent in the use of the necessary photographic, lighting, and video equipment.

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