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How Do You Attract Customers in Real Estate? [17 Essential Tips]

by Tan Tason
Attract customers in real estate

In recent years, real estate marketing has evolved significantly. This diversity aids real estate advertising in several ways. Competition is intensifying in today’s real estate market. Therefore, a real estate agent must have a wide range of online and offline marketing abilities, as well as a variety of methods for finding potential customers. There are several methods for obtaining new real estate customers, but an increasing number of agents are focusing on the digital environment. A combination of paid advertising and organic traffic from search engines and social media is certain to provide results. Regardless of the method, the end goal is to choose a marketing approach that allows you to reach out to as many prospects as possible. You may combine and apply tactics to attract customers in real estate and improve your chances of generating leads and engagement. Here are some strategies used by experienced real estate agents for generating leads and entice potential buyers.

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17 Essential Tips to Attract Customers in Real Estate

It is completely obvious that the most successful real estate brokers consistently secure repeat business by establishing enduring connections with their clients. Keeping your client informed, developing personal relationships with them, and alleviating their concerns are all critical steps in converting each buyer into a satisfied client.

Regardless of your level of expertise in the field, it is always beneficial to take a step back and consider how you might better serve your clients. In order to assist you, we’ve compiled ten real estate recommendations for adding personal touches that are sure to attract potential buyers.

1. Create a website to showcase your listing

In the modern world, customers rarely buy anything without doing some internet research on the company and the products it sells. Therefore, a user-friendly website should be the foundation of your real estate marketing campaign. Websites are a mark of credibility that helps real estate agents pique potential clients’ interest. It also enables you to respond to any queries your clients may have.

Create a website to showcase your listing

Source: Envato Graphic Templates

2. Take advantage of social media

If you’re not making the most of social media, you’re losing out on major sales and growth opportunities. Using social media marketing, you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience and potential customers. Social media postings also help you to go beyond sales and concentrate on building long-term connections with customers. It is vital to not only have social media accounts on different platforms but also to keep them active, in order for customers to believe in the credibility of your business.

Take advantage of social media

3. Pay for real estate leads

A quick approach to obtaining real estate leads is to purchase them from a lead generating company. These businesses will promote your business to potential buyers and sellers of real estate on your behalf. After that, they will give you these prospective customers’ contact information so that you can get in touch with them. In addition, they provide a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system with functions including automatic follow-up and appointment setting.

4. Design a business card

There will always be face-to-face contact with customers, dealers, and other industry professionals. The use of business cards as a form of communication will never become obsolete. Create a simple card with your business contact info in the smallest, plainest typeface.

Design a business card


5. Don’t forget email marketing

Among the most common marketing tools in real estate are newsletters and videos. Aside from helping you build connections, they also keep potential customers informed about local events and listings. Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching out to a specific audience. Include a link to the listing in these emails and, at the very least, encourage recipients to reply to your urgent call to action.

real estate email marketing

Source: Kristina Morales

6. Establish a bond with your community

With enough real outreach, people will remember your name and your services. Making connections with locals in target areas is a terrific method to spread awareness about your services. You could do this in a number of ways, including participating in community events, providing gift baskets to charity auctions, and holding giveaways at local establishments. You’ll attract more customers and be top of mind when it’s time to sell or purchase a home if you can get your name out there to as many people as possible.

7. Create explainer videos

Explainer films tend to be serious since they present your company’s unique selling proposition and the attributes that make it worth working with. Your videos must reflect the right concepts and be engaging enough to encourage people to invest in real estate. Explainer videos are an important aspect of real estate marketing, and if done effectively, they may help you attract the ideal visitors, who then convert into leads and eventually sales.

8. Focus on a specific niche

Pick a specialized area of expertise and market yourself as the go-to person in your area; this will establish you as an authority figure amongst your rivals. Naturally, developing your reputation as an authority takes time. You’ll need to write about your specialty in social media and your website, collaborate with brokers who have knowledge of it, and send mailers to niche-fit people.

9. Construct virtual tours of real estate

For tech-savvy realtors and real estate businesses, virtual reality walkthroughs are a powerful marketing tool. Virtual tours are an excellent way to provide a complete tour of the property while also helping buyers imagine themselves in the property.

10. Make cold calls

Cold calling could be an effective method for finding leads. Specifically, it may assist in the curation of for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers who are attempting to offer their houses on their own, as well as expired listings with no takers. Zillow is a great place to begin if you want to do this on your own, but there are lead-buying services that can do it for you as well.

To get seller contact information, go to the “Buy” page, choose your location, click the “Other listings” button, select a listing, and finally, click the “Overview” tab at the bottom of the page.

11. Use word-of-mouth

Referrals are the most effective method for finding potential customers. Statistics indicate that around 40% of sellers are referred to their selected realtor by a friend or acquaintance. Keep in mind that word-of-mouth marketing is completely free and may be employed for passive real estate marketing.

12. Arrange open houses

Since open houses allow you to meet potential buyers face-to-face, they are an excellent pick for real estate agents. Most real estate agents provide a sign-in sheet where interested buyers may enter their contact information (name, email, and phone number).

13. Hold seminars and meet people

Organize real estate seminars in order to meet and greet potential buyers, generate leads, and find new ways to sell. These events provide an excellent chance for potential customers to see you in person without obligation or pressure. It will also allow you to demonstrate your competence in the field.

14. Provide content for news articles

Contributing to news articles is a great approach to establishing credibility as an expert in your field and raising your profile among potential clients. You can promote yourself as a go-to authority in your industry by sharing your knowledge with journalists as a source. An article quoting you will encourage readers to contact you for more information or assistance in the real estate transaction. Additionally, it could give you the opportunity for a backlink and increase the traffic to your website.

15. Boost your team

The great majority of customers believe a company’s treatment of its workers indicates its credibility. Furthermore, your personnel are in charge of numerous customer interactions. Building a sense of consistency among your employees is essential if you want to succeed in the real estate market.

16. Provide gratis services

You can provide your customers with complimentary services such as professional photography and market analysis. You should highlight this in your ads to set you apart from the competition.

17. Create a reputation for yourself

If you want to become an expert in real estate, you need to explore several methods to display your competence and expertise. You may generate material such as blogs, podcasts, and videos to educate and inform your prospective customers. As a realtor, you can write about your experiences, record videos of yourself talking about your real estate business experiences, and offer customer testimonials.


Understanding how to attract customers in real estate is not the only aspect of running a successful realtor business, but it is the most crucial. To grow your buyer clientele, you are required to identify and reach people who are contemplating a purchase or are ready to buy, maintain your presence in their minds, and earn their trust.


New realtors can obtain customers via a variety of channels, including buying leads, networking, and asking for referrals from family and friends. To get the most out of your marketing efforts, combine traditional methods like mailers and business cards with modern ones like a website and social media ads.
It might be challenging to get customers as a new real estate agent. However, if you back up your exceptional service with superior client support, your current clientele will likely expand as word of mouth spreads.
You should be professional, but kind and friendly, and understand the needs of your consumers. Also, be truthful with them and share some information about the home they want to buy as well as your alternatives.
The most important thing for clients while searching for an agent is “trust.” They need someone who is knowledgeable about the real estate market and, at the same time, has their best interest in mind.

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