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16 Amazing & Affordable Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Business

by Tan Tason
Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Small businesses sometimes operate on a shoestring marketing budget, which makes promotion difficult. However, there are several marketing ideas to boost your business by which you may market your business without paying any money.

As you are probably aware, real estate is a difficult but potentially rewarding business. According to research, 88% of homebuyers get their houses via the assistance of a real estate agent or broker. This figure emphasizes the necessity of raising awareness and getting in front of customers as soon as feasible. That is why having a firm grip on real estate marketing is critical for everyone working in the business.
While real estate agents are still important in the home-buying process, buyers are increasingly opting to conduct more research online before enlisting the help of professionals.

For a successful digital transformation of marketing, sales, and services, new methods of producing customer value, new technological capabilities, and new ways of working are needed. Here are some top real estate promotional strategies for those wishing to dominate the real estate marketing game.

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Innovative Real Estate Marketing Strategies

You can use these affordable marketing ideas to boost your real estate business, whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established realtor trying to attract new customers.

Establish a free account on Google My Business

A Google Business Profile is one of the best free advertising options, particularly for local companies. This essential marketing material enables your company to appear on Google Maps, the local portion of Google Search, and the Knowledge Panel on the right-hand side for branded searches.
However, you’ll need to enhance your Business Profile if you want it to rise to the top of Google Maps and other local search results. You must verify ownership of it with your Google My Business account to optimize it.

Develop a website

Nowadays, the majority of homebuyers do an internet search for their ideal property. So in today’s real estate market, having a website is no longer an option; it is a need.

develop a real estate website

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking platform that is often underutilized. Don’t just add network connections and log out; engage in conversation with the connections you build, share your blog articles and offers, join and participate in forums, and distribute the excellent material of others.
You can establish your brand and win trust and respect in your business by enabling other experts to grow and educate your prospective consumers. Additionally, encourage all of your staff to participate on the platform.

Create an eye-catching homepage

More than 70% of consumers confess to determining a company’s legitimacy based on its website. Because first impressions are so important, your site should be in tip-top form. This includes eye-catching pictures, a clear call to action, and an easy-to-use menu.

Make fantastic listings

Creating an awesome listing with images and extensive content is one of the affordable marketing ideas to boost your business. Users should be able to easily access all of the information through your property pages and listings. Enhance your offering with informative descriptions, stunning photographs, virtual tours, and walking distances (such as bus stops).

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is a collection of techniques that work together to improve your site’s search engine ranking. Keep in mind that a beautiful website is useless if no one can discover it. Therefore, create useful content, select appropriate keywords, and implement on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques.
Additionally, you have to conduct some local SEO. Local SEO is free, but it might take some time, so begin immediately and stay working; the long-term advantages can be enormous.
Local SEO entails adding location-based keywords to your main website pages’ titles, headers, and body text. You should also get listed in online directories, ensuring your information is consistent across platforms and providing neighborhood-specific pages or blog posts.

Take professional photographs

Having stunning images of your properties is critical to their online business. Taking images of the property from the outside and inside is one of the creative marketing ideas and can easily attract potential homebuyers. You can enhance your photographs using affordable editing tools.

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Use social media

Social media marketing is a low-cost idea to boost your real estate business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are the most widely used social media platforms for real estate marketing. When creating accounts, ensure that you fill out all required details so that relevant users may find you.You can promote your blog posts through social media, increasing website traffic. It’s also possible to have a two-way conversation with your followers, allowing you to share your brand voice while simultaneously increasing engagement, polling, and feedback. Regardless of your motivation, you must be consistently engaged and active on the social media profiles that you build.

Conduct a social media competition or gift

An intelligent and cost-efficient marketing tactic is holding a contest or giveaway on social media. To get your name out there and expose possible customers to your services, ask registrants to like, follow, tag your company or tag someone else on your post.

Post excellent content

Content marketing is a very successful approach that does not need a significant investment if done correctly. This demonstrates your authority, competence, and genuine desire to help your audience. Google also emphasizes high-quality content that provides the most excellent answers to its consumers’ concerns. As a result, it increases the visibility of your website on Google and attracts more free traffic.
Good content educates your readers with simple, plain language, so don’t try to be fancy; share your knowledge. Also, consider your technical SEO. Your content should be informative and include how-tos, top ten lists, collections of tips, best practices, statistical insights, and thought leadership articles.

Create a blog

Starting a blog is a fantastic way to make content a regular component of your marketing efforts. You can use blogging to increase website traffic, user engagement, online visibility, and SEO as a whole. It’s a cost-free method of promoting your small business online by utilizing business-related stories and information your prospective customers are searching for. Just remember to use simple language, target a different topic with each post, and naturally incorporate the keywords you’re targeting into each content.

Utilize the appropriate hashtags

Hashtags will assist you in being discovered by your target audience. You can use local, topical, and broad hashtags for your posts, photos, and content.

Tag people

As an affordable marketing idea, you can tag your devoted consumers, brand advocates, or even nearby businesses and suppliers on your posts. This strategy enables you to expand your business’s reach to a new prospective audience, develop your following, and maybe even acquire new consumers.

Create an email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a terrific approach to attracting new visitors and retaining ties with current consumers. It is still among the most dependable methods for getting a good return on your marketing budget.
Here are a few simple strategies for email marketing:

  • Create thoughtful and imaginative topic lines.
  • Ensure every email has an offer that compels the recipient to take action.
  • Offer a bonus content piece or coupon/discount for subscribing to your newsletter to encourage new website visitors to join.
  • Nurture your email subscribers till they are prepared to become paying clients.
  • Use a free email marketing solution like MailChimp to kick off your promotional email campaigns.

Create visually appealing infographics

Infographics are very effective marketing tools. They’re eye-catching and simple to absorb, and people love to share them, so they’re an excellent way to increase referral traffic and links.

Request free ad promotion credits

You may not be able to afford massive marketing campaigns for your startup, but you can typically find deals for Facebook or Google Ads. As part of their membership options, several web hosting companies provide advertising discount coupons. Examine to see whether yours does.

Organize free home-buying workshops

By presenting mini-seminars, you can make yourself and your expertise more accessible to the public. Provide a local seminar on the fundamentals of house purchasing and mortgages to impress participants and build a connection with them.

Try out guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing prioritizes creativity above expense, and its tactics are often inexpensive and straightforward to apply, particularly at the local level. Put personalized stickers on urban décor to catch passersby’s attention or utilize an abandoned shop as a canvas for street art.

Request business awards

You can receive business awards in most sectors, allowing you to display an online badge on your website. These badges could promote the reputation and, therefore, sales. Create your own awards if there aren’t any for your industry. You’ll attract the interest of other industry companies that wish to apply for your award, which implies additional connections and potential future partnerships.

Collaborate with neighborhood businesses

You may create ties with other local companies as an affordable marketing idea. With a company partnership, you’ll be able to reach twice as many people in your target market.

Make your employees brand advocates

For many small companies, word-of-mouth is one of the most effective sales-boosting marketing tactics. According to research, people are more inclined to purchase a product or service after hearing about it from a stranger.
You can use the enormous potential of your staff’s networks by treating them well and motivating them to serve as brand ambassadors. Make an event, invite staff, and request them to spread the word to their personal and professional networks. Encourage them to share the status and tag others to boost the event exposure.

Put up useful vids

In today’s market, video is a highly sought-after medium. Video marketing has become much simpler with today’s personal gadgets and social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Your videos might include a promotional message or a personal message, as well as a powerful call to action.

Provide virtual tours

Virtual tours are an excellent approach for providing prospective buyers with a thorough, accurate overview of the property.

Hold educational webinars

Webinars are a cost-effective method of promoting your company by delivering valuable information to prospective clients. 1-2 weeks before the event, advertise your webinar on social media or through your email newsletter and add reminders for registrants to ensure they do not miss it.

Reuse your previous content

If you have successful content, reuse it for different platforms to maximize your efforts. Convert a collection of related blog posts or other site material into an ebook and advertise them through site pop-ups or email marketing. Be bold and repurpose and promote previously published content.

Host events and courses

Host a class or event, then print flyers to display on community notice boards at local coffee shops, libraries, and universities, among other places. If you cannot hold an event, attend any local activities that would benefit your company.

Attend business and networking events

Participating in trade exhibitions and industry conferences is an effective method of marketing your brand. These events provide an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and make new business-to-business connections. Furthermore, they offer special workshops aimed at developing your abilities in sales, social media, advertising, and other modern methods of marketing your company.

Participate in local activities or events

If the town or city where you live organizes weekly or yearly festivities, make it a point to attend to familiarize yourself with the local audience. It is a low-cost method of promoting your business.

Conduct an in-store business card contest

You can hold a business card drawing by placing a bowl in your store and labeling it as such, encouraging customers to drop their business cards in for a chance to win a prize. You’ve accumulated a good amount of business cards by the end of the month, but there can be only one winner. Use the emails from other cards to inform consumers that although they haven’t won this time, they are more than welcome to join your mailing list, which will keep them informed of future promotions and exclusive offers.

Make fantastic business cards

Get some stylish business cards and distribute them to everyone you come into contact with—the more customers who become aware of your business, the better.

Make impressive and eye-catching business cards


Stick magnets on the business car

By affixing a magnetic sign to the side of your business vehicle, you can turn it into a mobile billboard and spread the word about your company everywhere you go.

Amass and display customer reviews

Your prior delighted customers are a wonderful resource for establishing your reputation and developing trust via real estate marketing. Ask your satisfied clients for a short testimonial about how you’ve helped them, and post it on your website and social media channels.

Run a Facebook advertising campaign

You can run Facebook advertisements even on a small budget. Facebook ads have a very cheap cost per click.


The competition is strong, and you’ll need skilled online and offline marketing abilities to stand out these days. Make your imprint with these practical, tactical, and innovative real estate marketing strategies.

Additionally, a marketing plan can assist you in establishing goals for your marketing efforts and developing the procedures necessary to achieve them. With these affordable marketing ideas, you can boost your business and at the same time, you’re certain to inspire your target audience and entice them to purchase your products or services.


A marketing tool can advertise and enhance your goods and services. Most businesses employ a range of marketing strategies to increase their sales. You could use direct mail, advertising, and social media management to increase sales. Using various marketing techniques also allows you to concentrate on multiple aspects. As a result, while specific tools are terrific for increasing sales, others are great for obtaining customer information. It is critical to consider which ones are appropriate for your company to employ.
The marketing idea is significant since it describes how your business will generate revenue and flourish. It emphasizes that a company’s primary responsibility is to meet the client’s demands. This is achieved by establishing what the market wants and then customizing your product or service to meet those needs.
The primary marketing goals are to acquire consumers, maintain customers, and turn customers into brand advocates.

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